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    Woman is against woman. Read this

    I was just now watching a Telugu news flash that a woman who came from Mumbai to Hyderabad was approached by another woman in the guise of familiarizing the city and took her to a apartment where she introduced to a person who intoxicated the visitor and thus committed crime. Though the person who done the crime was arrested what I mean to stress here that why should a woman should stoop to that low level and spoil the life of another woman. Though the crime is done by man, the facilitator is a woman. When the society would change ?
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    There may be various reasons behind such apparently inexplicable phenomenon. May be the woman who apprached the visiting woman (to Mumbai) was under duress or blackmailing. So she was forced to obey and execute the order of the man.
    It may also be possible that the first woman was so besotted with love that she never bothered to point out the mistake to the man. She was happily following all commands of the man.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    Like men, women too are dangerous to their own sex. There are also women fighters, there are women police, there are women thugs and gundas. It is the bad luck of the Mumbai woman to fall prey to the Hyderabad thug woman in the guise of good woman.

    Woman are not less than man. They are always up by one. There is a saying - Never trust a woman unless you are sure.

    No life without Sun

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    As gender based differences are fast vanishing, women are also catching up with men in all spheres. The con field also is not an exception.
    We get to see reports of crimes committed by women much more nowadays that it was in earlier days. Crimes committed by women are now reported and in many cases we sit awe-mouthed as these things were unimaginable a few years back.
    I am not at all surprised. The prediction about Kaliyug has narrated such things could be happening and has also predicted that such things will be happening to reach intolerable levels towards the end of the Kaliyug when the tenth Avatar of Vishnu will happen to save the world from evil. Now whatever happening is not even a sample.

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    Yes. Like in Men, there are, dangerous women in women also. Now a days all the ladies are telling they are equal in all respects to men. It is true also. Women are coming in all the areas. Like that Women gundas and women thieves are also increasing.

    TV serial watchers will understand this concept. I never see the serials. But in between some advertisements will be coming. There you can see the lady Villons. Many of the stories round around the planning and counter planning of ladies.

    Surphanaka is responsible for Sita's agony.

    So it is wrong to think that men are only responsible for women"s agony. Women are more responsible for women's agony.

    always confident

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    Our earlier image that the opposite - sex are great tolerant, more humane and kind and can demonstrate the quality of sacrifice in the hours of need is utterly wrong. May be the earlier concept has changed because of active participation of ladies in almost all the fields where there was dominance of men only. Now the ladies are equally active in medical profession, research field, plane - driving and even in the field of car - driving. With such rapid advancements, old cultures being followed in the old societies have taken a back- seat. Now, there is no hesitation for the ladies- folks to commit crimes and have repentance later.
    We would see many more crimes in the years ahead committed by the ladies since their perception - level has almost changed. May be it is because of erosion of our cultural values being practiced earlier.

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    There are many women who are equally bold and aggresive as men. They are couragious and know how to protect their selves as well as how to commit or assist in crime.

    It is not only today that women are looking smart in the field of crime. Even in past they were used to accomplish high degree crime like killing of a Prince or minister of a kingdom.

    I remember reading about vish-kanya (poison-girls) who were used to kill the important minister of a kingdom. Our mythology is full of such aggressive attacks.

    Normally woman is supposed to be weaker sex and allotted the household work. Though if she is given support and opportunity, she can do anything a man is capable of doing. Today women are coming in every field which was otherwise the monopoly of males.

    So it is not strange that a few of them are being spotted committing crime or assisting in crime.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Absolutely. In many serials and even daily life we are seeing that the role of Mother in Law but in many houses the Daughter in laws are ill treating the MIL as well FIL directly and indirectly forcing them to move to Homes or separate houses. Newly coming brides ill treating the elder sister in laws for their benefit of separate family intention. simply speaking, we can see in buses daily no ladies are getting up and giving place for elderly women,women with children and pregnant women but expecting the gents to provide the same. Many obscene are happening daily by female but no women associations are criticizing.

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