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    ISC ranking proves the truth: Very difficult to go up, very easy to come down

    During last couple of months, I have been tracking my ranking in ISC very closely. My rank was stagnating at 15 for quite a long time (say around one month). Only last week, my rank has moved upwards to 14. On the other hand, in January, I went to Kolkata after my father's accident. My posts were reduced (not totally stopped) only for one week. After returning from Kolkata, I found that my rank had got reduced by 2 positions.

    This fact points to a larger truth of life. It is very difficult to move upwards. We have to strive a lot to move even one step forward in the hilly terrain of success. On the other hand, it is very easy to go downwards. Not much effort is needed-may be it is almost effortless.

    This is the reason that patient and continuous effort brings sweet fruit of success. Let us all try to reach the pinnacle. Even if we don't reach the top, the upward journey strengthens our character and mind.
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    It is like working and sleeping. Both are essential in life. But to go up, one should work lot and sleep less. If anyone sleeps lot and works less, certainly they won't climb up the hilly terrain. A person working for 18 hrs and sleeping for 6 hrs a day would catch up the higher rank. But if a person sleeps for 18 hrs and works for 6 hrs only would go down the ladder like in snake and ladder game.

    Work more and sleep less to go up in the ranks at ISC, and also to achieve success in your life.

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    It is true Mr. Partha. Always it is easy to climb down but it is difficult to climb up. Here it depends on your work and other's work also. Even though we try our best somebody else may be working much better than us. These are ranks are like that only. One is coming down means somebody else is climbing. Here there is no luck factor I think. But in snake and ladder game luck plays an important role.
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    The author has very nicely analyzed the ranking system in this site. Perform or perish is the rule here. Perform here means continued performs without break. Even one day break, your score goes down and immediate member competitor would occupy the position. If you maintain your consistency and score with regular contribution, surely upward surge of ranking is possible. Even in my case I was holding 2 nd rank and of late Ravishankara contributions in jobs section was quite awesome and thus he over took and snatched my position of number two and I am relegated to third position. But never mind, competitions should be there to keep us also in the race. If no competition is there then the life would be stale. Earlier Kailash Kumar proved tough competition for me but he abstained from here for no reason.
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    Very nice and analytical observation. It is easy to slide down but difficult to move up.

    Initially climbing is easier but gradually it becomes more and more difficult. When you have reached in top 20, you have to rigourously work to maintain it and extra efforts to move up.

    This example from ISC is true for all the struggle done by us elsewhere.

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    Partha, I think this post is not for fun and humour. Hence I take it as a relevant serious post and respond also with relevance and seriousness.
    It is just because what you discovered ...."...We have to strive a lot to move even one step forward in the hilly terrain .." that I always give thumbs up to K Mohan. You can just make a guess how much consistent effort Mohan or similar other consistent members put in. Pramod was the peerless one in the Jobs section until he voluntarily abdicated that throne.

    I had once said that ISC members are like soldiers; they gradually fade away from the scene after years of active service . Many twinkling stars have thus faded away.

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    Mr. Venkiteswaran: Very apt observation about the great luminaries of iSC. However, I am wondering whether I have turned myself a joker in this platform! I tried to be philosophical in this thread. Now, I have understood that it doesn't suit my personality. Tomorrow onwards I will go back to my original (joker!) self.
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    Partha, one of your threads I answered with relevant personal experience, But as per your later comment the thread was not for serious discussion. So I have my doubts whether to attempt and respond taking it as a serious discussion.

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    Its true, the more you go ahead in your ranking, the more competition you will get with your co-member. For that you need to hold your speed of collecting points. One week if your point collection does not match with your speed, you can see that your ranking may go downward. One need to be very calculative in scoring point to maintain the ranking.

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