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Having a doubt about your Google AdSense account? Submit your queries at the Help Desk here for quick guidance.
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    Google AdSense Help Desk - post queries & get clarifications here

    From time to time we initiate this type of thread to assist & guide those who have associated their AdSense account with ISC, especially those who have recently got approval and don't quite know how to proceed. You can refer too to our last posted AdSense clarification thread, in which links to the previous two threads are also provided.

    In this thread, you can similarly post your queries and get answers as well as solutions to any problem you are facing with regard to the Google AdSense revenue sharing program. We have quite a few ISCians who are knowledgeable about AdSense and will give the appropriate guidance.

    For a start, for those who have just got approval:
    1. You need not worry about seeing the 'Pending' status at your ISC AdSense account page. Refer to #5 in this announcement thread.

    2. Make sure that in your AdSense account you have given ISC authorization via the 'Settings' feature.

    3. Create channels of all sections of ISC where you are contributing, in order to know which section is getting you how much earnings. That is, via My Ads >> URL channels >> New URL channel, you can put the URLs of the various sections. Thus, these would be:
    ....and so on.
    You should also put the URL of your profile page. You can even put the URL of an individual article, a forum thread or an Ask Expert page.

    For those who wish to apply, if you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria but are unsure of whether you should apply right away or wait, you can post a thread in the category of AdSense Profile Reviews. Experts will check out your contributions and give you advice accordingly.
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    Thanks a ton for the detailed clarifications regard Google Adsense Queries. My query is:

    I linked my Adsense account recently. Unfortunately, I haven't recieved any "Welcome Bonus". Can you please look after this issue?

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    I have applied for google adsense through ISC and after fully approved and have received another message that ad units are live on my pages. Should I also have to authorize ISC by going setting menu or not.
    How can I earn more money by adsense?

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    What to do if bymistake we click an ad on our own page? Should we inform google adsense about it?
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    Kindly explain in etails how can I authorise ISC? I joined AdSense through ISC only.
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    @Partha, if you have signup with Adsense through ISC, then you don't have to authorise. Check the status of Approval and if you see Google status is approved you are done. Check the status under your Dashboard> "Manage Adsense Accoun".

    Login to your Adsense account> My sites> indiastudychannel> verify.

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    Just a quick note to let you all know your queries have been noted & will be answered soon either by me or others who can guide about it.
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    @John, it was replied by Ankit few days back for your (same) query at and kindly refer it.

    It is general request to all that do not repeat the same query in a different thread once the member got the answers. If the answer is not satisfied to member then they can reply in the very same old thread to follow up. Do not mess out anything.

    @Hakim, you have multiple questions, find the answer as below;

    It will be like (example) as below,

    Your Membership Level: GOLD (Eligible for Revenue Sharing)
    AdSense Account: pub-xxxx1234
    Google Status: APPROVED
    IndiaStudyChannel Status: Pending (This will not affect your Ad serving.)

    If you find as above (in this link then nothing to worry. If not, you can raise a thread to guide you further.

    Earning AdSense revenue: Keep on contributing the quality content in a different section, use basic SEO in every post and wait patiently beside.

    If you click on Google Adv from your own webpage accidentally and rare then nothing to worry. Try to avoid it just. If it is accidentally repeated then you have to report it to Google. Read the related guideline over here

    @Partha, if this page shows as AdSense 'Approved' and ISC (status) is 'Pending' then everything is OK for you. If it is in AdSense account then 'yes' to approve for ISC.

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    Thanks a lot for response. I want to know basic SEO. From where I can know basic SEO?
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    SEO, the word is a small one but algorithm and procedure is a big one. For example, Black Hat SEO, White Hat SEO, Algorithms, different tags, various updates time to time from mega search engine tool etc. etc. etc.

    Anyhow, please find some reference articles to know basic SEO to go with.

    Though these articles are published few years back, most of the points can be used for a post. Some algorithm have changed from a Search Engine tool that won't affect much for your post if you follow from the above articles given.

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    I have applied for google adsense through ISC and after fully approved . But weekly stat report showing 0 traffic. Kindly check my settings whether it is OK or something problem. If there is problem kindly configure it in a right way.

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    My google status shows approved, but when I log into my AdSense account, it shows reviewing your site will take up to 3 days. What does it mean? It has been showing the same thing for more than 10 days.
    Should I connect site to AdSense?

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    Mr. Sharma and Reena, wait for some more days.

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