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    Do you love to eat mangoes in this season? If yes, which variety of mangoes?

    Come Summer and the Mango season is in! We can see fruit shops and roadside stalls filled with different variety of mangoes. There are mangoes peculiar to different regions and the individual preferences are also different. Join this thread and share your preferences and tastes about mangoes!

    Dear ISCians,

    This is Mango season. The fruit shops are filled with variety of mangoes. There are also annual mango fairs being conducted in major cities. When I walked down a market street in Bangalore, I could find heaps of shining and glaring yellow fruits. The mango ranges from Rs. 30 to 200 per kilo. I have tasted the mango varieties like Alphonso, Malgoa, Banganapalle, Sindura, Neelam and Totapuri. I am yet to taste the other varieties like Raspuri, Sugar Baby, Kalapahad, Mallika,Kesar, Dasheri,Rumani, Imampasanth (As listed in the shops).

    Members, which is the best mango variety that you like/ liked and enjoy/ enjoyed? Are there any other mango varieties that you know but are not listed above. Please share your favorite mango varieties.
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    The most commonly available Mango fruits in Guntur city of A.P. is Chinna Rasam (Nuzividu Rasam), Banganapalle variety. In Krishna district of A.P. Chinna Rasam is very famous. The size of these fruits are medium and contain very sweet juice when ripened. Banganepalle variety is also very popular in A.P. which is cultivated in near by villages of our city. Ulavapadu (village) variety of Bangenapalle variety is famous here. When the fruits are very much matured they will be very tasty with lot of sweet flesh. Other than this in East Godavari districts of A.P. Pedda Rasam or Cheruku rasam, the size of this fruit will be much bigger and contain lot of sugary juice. Even when the fruit is ripened without chemicals the peel of the fruit is green but the juice is very sweet like sugar. That is why this fruit is known as "Panchadara kalasi" i.e. sugar mixed juice. Your stomach will be full even if you eat one mango of Cheruku Rasam. In Visakhapatnam of A.P. in addition to these fruits we get Suvarnarekha variety. The outer peel of this fruit is red and yellow coloured. When these fruits are ripe they give a different sweet taste. Towards the end of the season we get Malgoa variety. In our house itself we have a Mango tree of the type of Malgoa. Towards the end of the season we get these fruits in plenty. But Squirrels and Parrots spoil these fruits and also plucking the fruits from the tall tree also very difficult without any damage. Few other mentioned above varieties also available from Super Markets but not of a good quality. So we like to buy mostly local varieties.

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    I like mangoes very much. Once the season starts I start purchasing the fruits and as long as they are available I don't want to miss. I like juice giving type. We call them in Telugu as Rasalu. There are many type of rasalu are available. Pedda Rasalu, Chinna Rasalu, panchadara kalasa, suvarnarekha, kottapalli kobbari, Nuzividu Rasalu are this type of friuts. Early days in Hyderabad we were not getting all these varieties. But now all are available here. Banganapalli, is also a very good variety and a correctly riped banganapalli pieces are very tasty. Alphansa has to come from bombay.
    Nelam fruits will come at the end of the season. Generally once the rains start mangoes will stop.

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    Of course I like to eat mangoes during season. There were a couple of mango trees in our house many years ago. Those manages from one tree were very sweet. We used to call them with local names.

    It is later that I was tasting the Priyuri, Banganappalli, and Apoos.
    To be frank nowadays, I just buy some variety, irrespective of whatever name the fruit vendor says. I buy in small quantities of one or two kilo or just two or three at a time. Sometimes I become lucky as they taste sweet and good.

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    Who will resist the taste of Mangoes during the season and I have also tasted many varieties out which I like Alphonso, Malgoa, Banganapalle and Thothapari. In Hyderabad we have another famous variety called Rasalu which simply has more juice but I wont like it. Malgoa is the best variety with thin skin and lots of stuff and being small in size the taste would also be good. But instead of fruit, tasting the mango juice seems to be more interesting as we will also tasting some milk and ice cream with that for added taste. Nevertheless Mangoes are most liked by the children and the elders.
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    Somedays back, I wanted to post same kind of thread asking who does not like mangoes. The reason, I don't like mangoes, I just don't like it smell (no offence). I always wanted to know who does not like mangoes, So far I found only 2-3 person who said they don't like mangoes. Mango the King of fruits, I have never bought it for me to eat, yes I do it for my family member. I remember, in my childhood, whenever my father used to bring mangoes in house, he would never forget to bring Banana or apples for me. Though, I was never so much attracted to fruits, even now. However, I have one good habit that if I visit someone's home and if they offer, I do eat it some instead of refusing it totally.

    I would be interested to know that who do not like mangoes? Is there any?

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    Nature has provided us good fruits for the survival of the creatures created by God. Mango is one such great fruit that was once presented to God by Saint Narada. That gift to God has created a rift between two sons of Lord Shiva.The Mango's name was 'Wisdom Mango'. I think everyone knows this story which made Lord Subramanya to get annoyed when he saw the Mango presented to his brother Lord Sri Ganesh. He removed his clothes, tied a langode (small piece of cloth around his private part) flown to Pazhani hills and rested there. So, Mango is liked by all on this good earth. According to me, there cannot be any mango haters but eaters only.

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    I never said I am mango hater, if it is so I would not accept it from those people who had offered me unknowingly. Every one in this mother earth have some likes and dislikes and you can not tag them whichever way you feel. One should respect for what other like or dislike.

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    I never said that you(Jeets) are a mango hater. You are a mango eater by your own words. I do not think any ISC member would say that they don't eat mango.

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    During our childhood, we used to receive a basket full of mangoes with varieties from Rajapalayam in our Grandpa's name. Every year we used tot receive the same. We all children tasted all without any difference. Now we, when working and aged also not hesitating to taste the mangoes and my father used to tell one thing that we should taste all fruits during their season. According to him, the mangoes are to be eaten after keeping alteast 10 minutes in ordinary water. It is better to sip quarter tumbler of milk after eating a mango.

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    May we know the reason for keeping the mangoes for 10 minutes in ordinary water, and to sip a quarter glass of milk after eating a mango?

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    I enjoy eating fruits very much..and Mangoes are the best. My personal favourite is Banginapaali. It shouldn't be too ripe or too raw. But this year the Suvarnarekha variety of our own tree are awesome . I am enjoying them. They are ripened on the tree without any artificial ripeners so you can imagine how they taste.
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    Mangoes contain some acids which are citric acid , galtic acid , cafeeic acid etc. and due to this they have some inherent heat. This is the reason why it is advised to soak them for sufficient time before eating.

    Any way I also like this great fruit which is the king of summer and though I relish most of the varieties I am particularly fond of Dasheri variety which is produced in North India in abundance.

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    Yes Mr. Sun. I like to eat mango in this season. Generally I like famous Ratnagiri Mango but it is not available at Rampura. Whenever I visit Mumbai I bring this mango from there. In rampura Badam, Langra, Lal pata, Desi mango are available. I eat all these mango and enjoy the taste.
    I will suggest not to eat only one type of mango, try to eat almost every type of mango available at your location.

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    Generally people are afraid of summer but I always welcome it since my childhood just for one reason, being the season for mangoes. Mallika and Amrapalli are the mango varieties produced in Odisha , mostly produced in the Koraput, Mayurbhanj and Keonjhar regions and exported to Bihar, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh. I like them most and the varieties like Banganpalli and Subarnarekha from Andhra are more sweet and tasty.

    Your thread recalls me, the complaints against me by my sisters and brother during my childhood. I use to ask them to know the taste and used to squeeze it to half and poor guys were asking my Mom for the other piece!


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