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    Don’t curse life but join the bits and pieces of enjoyments making a long chain of happiness

    [This thread is the winner of the April 2017 topic based TOW contest]

    Even a desert has its Oasis. Those who complain their life is a one big misery are unconsciously telling lie. Even their life has many occasions of happiness and enjoyment- may be in bits and pieces.

    I recall a very interesting and enjoyable hobby girls used to have during my childhood days. Those days girls and women used to wear glass bangles. For any local festival they used to buy a couple of dozen of glass bangles of various colour and design. The sounds of the bangles colliding when the girls moved around was unique. The mirth and laughter of the girls combined with the special sounds of the glass bangles made the atmosphere itself lively and happy.

    Naturally, the bangles used to break on every hit on the walls or mutual collisions and falls while playing etc. The girls used to feel sad for a moment. But then they get used to it.
    They collected the bits and pieces of the broken bangles. Then during leisure they used to join two or more pieces using a lamp flame. By that they used to make chains and hang them on photos and door frames to have nice decorative hangings. The colour combination and size and their artistry made them really appealing. Even those hangings used to make sounds from breeze or someone moved or touched, creating a lively sound. That used to make the homes lively and alert also.

    The moral is, let us not take life as a single block and worry about the losses, but join the small small bits and pieces of happy moments and make a collage or chain of happiness and enjoy.
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    Very nice thought provoking heading from the author using the given Tow topic to best extent by giving a wonderful advise to those who keep on blaming the life even for single failure and unhappiness. Life should be good and bad innings then only we can understand and learn more from life. During good period, we must make provision and exigencies for the bad period to follow. Always remember when we are happy today, tomorrow we may cry or weep , that is the condition of nature and it follows in that pattern. Like wise those are following the lean period in life will surely surge ahead sooner or later. Performer or the winner are those who wont complain anything about life , make adjustments here and there and try to agree with what ever he got to pull the life, and that gives lots of courage to others and they get inspired form us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good post. Some people go on recollecting the bad moments they had and worry always about the life. It is a waste to think about the past. Future is uncertain. So be in the present and enjoy the life. Good to note.
    Sometimes we can recollect our happy moments and enjoy. Whatever is in the life we have to face it and we have to proceed. Instead of worrying, remember your good moments and go forward in the life. Use your earlier experiences and face the present successfully.

    always confident

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