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    Never try attempting exams through bits and pieces ,original idea and writing always wins

    Many of the students and even some of the members often pose question in this forum as to how to prepare for annual exams, entrance exams and competitive exams. Nothing is better than acquiring knowledge through referral books, sources in internet and having coaching at the best institute to get through with flying colors.

    Some are having the worst idea of trying to attempt the exams through bits and answer pieces which are nothing but cheating way getting marks. Cheating is a crime in exam and those who are performers in class wont indulge in those acts. Just imagine caught while cheating . You are blamed, lost the exam, lost the year as ultimately debarring would be the last punishment imposed by the authorities. So why to spoil the life ? Make good preparation for exam from day one and remember little highlights from each topic and that is enough to make in enlarged presentation in the exam against each question. That would definitely fetch good marks and even rank.

    This is the entry for TOW.
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    Mr. Mohan: Although I like your posts, but in this case I beg to differ. There is absolutely no scope of discussing new ideas in the answer-script, at least in India. During examination, we are required to 'vomit' old ideas learnt from text-books.
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    Sorry Partha one need not vomit the entire ideas written in the text books , instead some addition of personal ideas would go a long way to score good marks.
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    In this connection, let me share a true incident which happened in Class-VIII. Although more than 36 years have passed, I still remember the entire episode. The last paper of half-yearly examination was Physical Science (Physics+Chemistry). The first question in Chemistry section was : "Define substance." My friend Buju (about whom I wrote earlier) gave an original answer. His original answer was: "Substance is such a substance which can't be other substance, except that substance".
    Our Chemistry came to our class the very next day and appreciated Buju for his original idea with a ruler.
    So, we must not show our originality during examination.

    [The question and answer were in Bengali. I have exactly translated these.]

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    I agree with Mr. Partha In examinations you can't show your creativity.. You to write what is written in the book. What you have studied and how your teacher defined, Then only your answer will be correct and you will get marks.
    Instead somebody tries to do it a different way, we are not sure whether he will get passed or not. Mainly the internal marks you will get more if you write answers as told by your teacher. I don't think chemistry can come to the class. Probably chemistry teacher might have come.

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    Yes. Mr. Rao, you are correct. The keyboard could not match the velocity of my mind in this case. The word 'teacher' was left out.
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    I can understand that by 'bits' the author has meant 'copying'.
    This usage is popular in Tamil Nadu local parlance , because earlier students used to copy answers from the small pieces of paper or bits where the probable expected question answers are written, and they carried these 'bits' with them hidden under their dress and footwear etc.

    So the author says here that students please avoid the copying from 'bits and pieces' carried hidden, but depend on yourself and prepare well for the exams and not resort to copying.

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