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    A single tree cannot be described as garden

    I came across this phrase and want to share with you all, which has big meaning inside. Normally we all go to the garden for refreshing ourselves and see that so many greenery, plants, flowers and above all many trees which give lots of oxygen cover to us. So when we see group of plants, small and big trees and call it a garden. But can we claim if only a big tree exists and we define it as garden. No way and no one is going to believe that. Now relate this phrase to attitude of human being and their behavior.
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    'Thanimaram thoppaakaathu', 'siru thuli peru vellam', tihese are all sayings in Tamil which gives the same meaning that is what our author says. That is single tree cannot be a garden but collection of trees described as garden, similarly several drops creates a ocean. These are all told to live in groups not as isolated. Earlier there was joint family system which gave many benefits to individual couples as to save the separate rent, electricity,food items etc., (considering Diminishing Marginal Theory) and thereby the savings ability was possible. But nowadays in the guise of privacy, Independence etc., people develop stress, expensiveness less savings etc., in themselves with pride and loss the peace in their daily life day by day.

    Dr.sangumani, Psychologist, told in a meeting held at Madurai on 21st April that, 'Lack of Joint Family System is main reason for Mental Stress in many of us,presently. Love affairs without the knowledge of family members is never be a good one, Such love life may be pleasure for some and thorny for some. we ourselves have to decide which path suit to us.

    We have to live collectively with our own relatives as such relatives are in the long run.

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    A single tree can't be called as a garden irrespective of its size. A garden is very beautiful with lot of greenery, flowers and fruits. In a garden if one tree is not having flowers, another tree may have flowers. So beauty of the garden survives. But it is not the case with single tree.

    Similarly as organisation can't run by a single person. We can't call it an organisation. But some people in the organisation will say, I have done it. But it is not sounds good. Actually a team of people will do it. So we have done it is the correct concept.

    A human being can't say, I don't bother about the society. I will do whatever I want. Everybody should care for the society. You may be very strong as a big tree. But society is a garden. In Telugu there is a saying. Even gold plate can't stand on its own. It requires the support of a wall. You may be rich. But you require support of society in your life. Be a tree in the garden rather than standing alone as a tree.

    The same is the case with joint family as narrated by Mr. Pattabiraman.

    always confident

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