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    Never judge a person with the bits and pieces of information you hear

    There are people who love to judge others. What will one get by judging other people? No one is perfect; each and every person in this world is committing known and unknown mistakes daily. Without noticing our own mistakes and finding out the fault of others is also a big mistake. Being true to everyone is really a tough task in life. The true color of a person varies depending upon the situation. Not everyone in this world has a stereotype life story. Each and every one is facing different levels of problems and worries in life. A person may be true to you but not to others. The opinions of people about another person may vary. So never judge a person with the bits and pieces of information you hear and the external appearances you see.

    Break the bad habit of judging others, instead mold yourself.

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    An appropriate thread! Yes, we must judge a person in totality, not by the rumour and bits and pieces of information. Human being is too complex to be understood from snippets of information.
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    This is true. As mentioned by Ms, Soundharya we can't judge somebody with half knowledge and criticize him. We should step in to the others shoes and see why he has done it. There may be a reason. We should remember if you are showing one finger at somebody, the other four are towards you. Remember this always. We don't have any right to comment others. It is not a good practice.
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    I agree with the author, we must stop judging people with bits and pieces of information. Everyone has the quality of judging others without actually trying to know the reality and end up spoiling the relationship with that person. We should always avoid judging a person with little information we know about them.

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    Half knowledge on any subject is very danger and those who gets information in bits and pieces would make it big issue and present them in such a way that others would ponder over it. Especially there are some vested interest in the social network sites who will blow the small issue in a big way and that would circle and circle and make it a big issue. Even police has been advising not to rotate or share information not true on internet and that will lead to commotion and action from the authorities too. Next time when ever you share something, make sure it is authenticated by some person or organization.
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