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    I do not know how I prepared it. It was a very delicious and tasty chicken curry.

    My dear fellow ISCian,
    Yesterday was an unforgettable day for me. My wife left me and reached her parents on three days leave. I thought of preparing lunch for myself on experimental basis. I went out and bought 250 grams chicken. I really did not know how to prepare chicken curry, but was aware of making chicken fry (chicken 65) which used to be very simple. Yet I was curious to see my own chicken curry.

    What I did - I washed the chicken pieces thoroughly. I added half teaspoon of turmeric, one tablespoon of Chilli powder, two tablespoon of Coriander powder and one tablespoon of salt. I placed it inside the cooker and filled with water to sinking level and lit the burner. I waited for three whistles. I switched off the burner.
    I took one quarter of a small coconut, two big onions cut into pieces, four in number green chillis cut into pieces, four segments of garlics and one tablespoon of Fennel seeds. I placed them in a grinder and made the paste.
    Then I took the frying pan, added four teaspoon full oil, added mustard and few pieces of cut onion, curry leaves, and after a minute I added three in number cut tomatoes. After a while, I added the boiled chicken pieces from the cooker and the paste from the grinder.Also added little water to it. I left it in the burner for another five minutes. Oh! The chicken curry was ready. I took a piece of chicken and tasted it. Oh My God. It was so delicious and tasty that I never tasted such a chicken curry in my life. Even my mother or wife or sister did not prepare such a chicken curry of that taste.

    Now I feel that I am an expert in chicken curry making. Members, Do you have anything to say about my chicken curry. Have you learned something from this thread.

    I informed this to my wife telephonically. She said ,"Well done. I will have some free time at home after my return."

    Expert ISC cooks,
    Do you have any suggestion to improve my chicken curry? Did I miss out any important ingredient to give additional taste? Please don't hesitate. Come up with your sincere comments.
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    Mr. Sun: Although I don't know the ABCD of cooking, I think you could make the chicken curry much more tasty by adding 'garam masala' to it. I can't imagine chicken/mutton or pork without 'garam masala'. Next time do add it and get the appreciation of Mrs. Parvathisundaram.
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    Mr. Partha,
    Thank you for your suggestion to add Karam Masala. While preparing the dish, I looked for it. I did not get it. I shall oblige your recommendation. It would have been better if you write my better half as Ms. Sun rather than writing it wrongly as Parvathi Sundaram. My wife's ISC name is - Surya Kala/Anamika.

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    I am a pure vegetarian. Hence I can't add suggestion to you for improvement. But congratulations and I hope you will continue the good work and give some free time to your better half.

    I can also cook vegetarian dishes on my own. During my studies I was staying with my cousin in vizag. At that time I learned cooking on my own. But after marriage I never cooked. i think I should try. I am getting inspired by Mr.Sun.

    always confident

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