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    Which are the costly and cheap food items that you tasted in your life?

    Many a time we come across a situation where we need to have our food from the hotels or messes. There are costly hotels and cheap hotels. Depending upon the star gradings, size and standard, the rates of the dishes varies. Food may not be that tasty as it used to be in a middle class or ordinary hotel.

    If you have tasted food from the star hotels, which is the costly food that you paid heavily, and which is the food that you found cheap in a star hotel?
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    Many times we go to hotels for eating. The taste of the food depends on the cook. Even today I feel the Idle I ate in my childhood in a village hotel in my grandparent's place is the best. I always remember that taste.

    Coming to star hotels you pay more for the expenditure they are incurring for establishment than the cost of food. Food will not be as tasty as it was other good restaurants. I ate many times in star hotels in many cities in India as well as abroad. A buffet will always be cheaper in a star hotel than ordering separately and eating. This is for a good eater. In Hyderabad Marriott is very costly for snacks. Tea or coffee may be cheap there.

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    Once I had the interest to have coffee at a star hotel in Hyderabad and we five friends ordered for the same. After having the coffee we have been baffled by the bill. The bill mentioned 399 rupees only. That was too much for given cup of coffee of course served in a big cattle. And when I was in Chennai few months back, I had the opportunity to taste the Amma Idly and Pongal at very cheap rate of five rupees and that was the lowest rate paid by me to any tiffin. In Hyderabad too once I had tasted the mid day meal served by ISKCON at five per plate and that was tasty and affordable to all.
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    I have mostly visited hotels which I can afford. Among them there was always some difference for the same food item depending on the class of the hotel, the city or place etc. But I have not regretted because the quality were also good whenever I had to incur more cost.
    The costliest probably is coffee and a small snack taken inside airport , and I did not enjoy because the quality was not good in relation to the cost. There were a couple of occasions when we had to pay more and did not enjoy the food , but I do not remember exactly the details But last year when I travelled in train, the cost of the meals was exorbitant in relation to the quality and quantity. That way I feel the costliest is food from the railway pantry car.

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    The cheapest food I have had was at Buhari, an eatery inside the NIT Trichy campus. It caters to the students and the food is heavily subsidised. The costliest meal was a treat from my daughter, on our 25th wedding anniversary. She had flown down from Hyderabad and treated us to a lavish lunch, in a plush restaurant, in a seven-star hotel. This was the first time I had stepped into a seven-star property.

    I want to rebut the point made by Dr Rao, about the cost of food in star hotels - "…expenditure they are incurring for establishment than the cost of food…"

    The food in star hotels is costlier because of -

    • The personalised service that is on offer
    • The cost includes the ambience and the décor
    • The ingredients used are superior
    • Chefs are highly trained, as is the rest of the staff
    • Unlike restaurants where the food is cheap, in a star hotel, a single table is occupied for the entire evening
    • There is excellent air conditioning and music (piped/live)
    • Hygiene is maintained
    • Most food is made to order, not readily available
    • The linen is clean as is the crockery and cutlery

    Tea that Mohan mentioned would have been a high-end variety, not easily available in the market.

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