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    What is better: Subjective or objective mode?

    Now-a-days almost all the competitive exams take place in objective mode and all the degree related exams in subjective mode.
    Objective mode has its own benefits and losses and likewise with subjective mode. Objective mode where quickens the process of marking and on other hand subjective mode takes its time. And objective mode has some place of guessing where in subjective mode, you must know something.
    What do you think is the better choice? Do you think, the system currently taking place is alright or you will suggest some changes? Give reasons.
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    I am totally against the objective mode of conducting entrance and other exams. By giving choice to the candidate who may not even read the subject, God has given him enough talent to gauge which may be the right or nearest right answer and thus he scores on that pattern. Whereas subjective type of exam always gives challenging situation to the students as they have to listen to what the teacher has said in the class, they have to refer for additional information and add some few words personally and give answer. That way the original talent of any student comes forth and that is sustainable. One more thing by going for objective type, when the candidate faces personal interview at companies, he fumbles to answer anything as every thing he is habituated with choices given and hence I fully support subjective mode best for over all development.
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    I prefer Subjective mode only. The real talent of the student will come out in subjective mode questions only. To write an essay or to answer a question one has to be thorough with the subject. No guess work. A person who studied well and know the subject only can answer the questions.

    In objective type answers guess work will have some chances. If negative marking system is not there you can easily manage. If negative marking for wrongs system is there, one should be very careful in answering the questions. In this they will give you a choice and you have to select a right answer from the choices. It become a little easy.

    So always subjective system will test the real talent of the person.

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    Objective mode of examination would speed up the evaluation process and the selection of candidates or result of the examination can be made on fast track basis. The JEE Advanced and Mains examinations are best example for objective mode. The questions are framed in such a way that the in depth knowledge of the candidate can easily be evaluated and they can't do any guess work lest they should lose their marks. Thus, the seat filling in the IITs and other premier Institutions are getting filled by filtering 10000 candidates from 14 lakhs aspirants every year. While such selection process could be done through subjective mode of examination, why can't it be implemented in other areas also on the same lines?

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    Now take this site forum section. If the contents are based on objective type or poll section type, the interest and the talent of members could not be expressed in right earnest. The way our members are churning out great articles on any subject, good content writing as expert answer in that section and this forum is enlightening us with new way of writing in creative way. All this could be possible because our members are also habituated to subjective way of writing and prefer the same to express their views in most legible and apt way. So subjective writing always wins.
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    I had a deep discussion with my father on this topic. The suggestion he gave, I would like to share here. He suggested that 80% of the question paper(by marks weightage) should take place in objective manner and the rest 20% should be in the subjective mode so that student would also prepare for subjective type exam that will help him in testing his creativity and general ability. Less weightage should be given to subjective mode because marking depends sometimes on the nature of the examiner which may differ for same answers as some teachers seek for correct method and some other neglect small mistakes. Further, the exams that require some mathematical or such type of approach like JEE should be conducted in objective manner mostly. Do you agree with the same?

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    These days school level exam paper consists both modes.Some questions are Subjective and some are Objective modes.Conducting exams in both ways give a good result. It is a good way of evaluation.But ,these days online exams are conducted ,which are based on Objective modes.Objective mode exam are not preferable for those students ,who are from rural background.They have not computers for preparing those exams.Although they have knowledge they don't compete with others.
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    Wait! Look at the big picture. Objective is a goal or a target or in this context the only answer.But subjective, depends on the perspective of the person. So there's no definite answer in subjective. So the evaluation isn't always perfect with subjective questions, because irrespective of your best efforts, your answer is subjective.
    That's the only reason why the main exams(such as matriculation and graduation) are in subjective format, to facilitate maximum passing of students.
    Because subjective evaluation is comparatively loose. But the competitive exams(as the name suggests, challenges the candidate) are in objective format. That's the reason why I strongly recommend objective format for all the entrance tests. This will ensure the selection of best candidates.

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    If a person has done his graduation degree it is well understood that so far he has been appearing in subjective mode of examination and well versed with it.

    Now there is no harm if after this in any competitive examination he is asked to appear in objective type of test.

    The problem comes when students after completing their class X or XII are appearing for professional courses for certificate/diploma/degree and appear for test in objective mode. In such cases it becomes difficult to judge their capabilities solely on the basis of objective test.

    So for any objective test a minimum graduation degree should be must. We can safely assume that if a person is graduate his faculties to answer a subjective mode exam are already tested and now to decide quickly for his application for a particular job the objective test will suffice.

    Anyway till such required modifications are not there the ambiguity in testing students of class X or XII with objective tests will persist.

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    I completely agree that subjective questions are a true test for a student. But, as a student I would prefer Objective mode over Subjective. Mainly because the evaluators, most of the time expect length over content. And the expectations vary from person to person. Objective will ensure me uniform evaluation.
    However I would encourage Subjective questions which judge our reasoning and analytical capacities, rather than mere description ones. So any exam which has more inclinity to objective, while reasoning type Subjective questions will be a holistic approach to testing the capabilities of a student, at any level.

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    I think combination of both should be a good idea. However, objective type of questions should be given less important. 80-85% of a paper should be subjective. This could be the best possible solution.

    One thing is for sure that most of us tend to forget most of the syllabus as we move forward in our academics. So little leniency is fair enough. Not everything we study helps us in our career after studies. So some part of the paper in objective mode doesn't create any problem.

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    Hi Ritesh , but in my opinion most of the part should consist of objective mode not subjective mode or else most of the result will depend on the luck as each teacher has a different mindset, different perceptions,so in this way the eligible might miss his/her chance to score more.

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    Hi Ritesh, Objective part is most important for any competitive exam

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