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    Do ISCian members participation in various forums started declining

    Some 5 years back when I stopped participating in the ISC forum, I used to get the "alerts" in the ISCian members alert box only. There was no practice of sending e-mail intimations to the ISCian member's e-mail ID. But now I am getting regular e-mail intimations of various threads being raised in the ISC forum. What it indicates?. Is this sending e- mail messages is a step in bringing back ISCian members back to the forum fold?. If this is so there is a need to introspect the matter.
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    If you have subscribed and pressed that button when you were active in those days, surely the alerts and forum threads do appear in the e mail notification and if you do not want unsubscribe the same.
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    True. The ISC that was in 2011 is not the ISC in 2017. ISC has changed lot. Threads are deleted for no reasons. Members are losing interest to create new threads and respond to threads. Editors have become unduly rude with the blind support of Managing Editor. Senior members have lost their respect.

    Surely there is a decline in the forum activities. ISC Admin need to put the ISC back in its good old track.

    @ The reason for you getting the alert messages is due to your pressing of subscribe button in all the thread posts and responses.

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    Normally, when you post anything in ISC and if you have subscribed it, you will get alert message in your e-mail. Further that I don't know how you get other alert message without subscribing. May be you are right, to bring back our old members it was done (just guessing as you did).

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    I don't know about the members as I'm new here. But I sure can see a decrease in content. It's not very educational now. When I joined ISC , I hoped to learn something new and make few friends. But neither of them are happening now.
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    I don't know. I joined long back. But in between I discontinued. Completely stopped opening this site.
    But recently I have become regular. I am reading articles, going through ask expert questions and threads.

    Only senior members who are very active in the site since inception can give a correct Idea.

    There is no relation between email alerts and participation in this channel, as far as i understand.

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    Five members responded to my above thread. Three of them agreed that in recent times members participation has been declining. Two members responded on technical issues and one did not found correlation between e-mail intimation and participation by ISC members.
    As for my query as mentioned at the end of my above thread, I hope ISC management will come out with proper clarification at the earliest.
    Thanks for all the members who have responded positively.

    With regards,
    Pundalika A. Bhat.

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    No, I do not think so sir. There are a lot of participant in forum section and every person participate in the thread according to his choice.
    ISC does not send email for participating in forum thread. I think you have check the option below the response box which indicate " Notify me by email when others post comments to this article" so that you are getting email every time when a participant response in a thread.
    Please check it sir. If this option is selected please uncheck it after that you will not get email of forum or ask expert sections.

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    Pundalika, could you find a reason? Since you have claimed that there is a decline in contributions, I think it would be nice if you can give the reasons for your observation (leaving aside the points by our seniors) and enlighten our Webmasters about the same. And, why were you away from ISC for this long?
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    As mentioned by members, email intimations will be sent if you have subscribed to the forum posts. If you have not subscribed to individual threads, then it is likely that at some point of time you had used the 'Subscribe by Email' feature which appears in the right side pane and which includes 'Forum posts by mail'. That is why you continue to get those mail notifications despite leaving ISC forum participation. Do return!

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