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    EIP culture - Would it be possible in our country? - Active GD

    Is it possible to replace VIP culture with EIP culture in India? If so, how far it could be successful in India? Share the pros and cons on the given topic.

    Our Prime Minister have ventured a new concept to eradicate the VIP culture prevailing in our country that was inherited from the British. He says, "Everyone is an important person and the EIP culture should replace the VIP culture".

    I seriously doubt whether it would be possible in our Indian scenario. Certain sentences sound very melodious to hear but is very difficult when it comes to implementation. We treat everyone very important, right from a Revenue Inspector to a District Collector, a Municipal Councillor to a MP, the son of a Corporator to the son of a CM - for the reasons best known to us. Darshan of the Lord of a pilgrim center would be easier to the representative of a VIP than a pilgrim waiting for hours in the queue. A beacon light removal may not end this culture which we conveniently learned from the British. The mindset of the people should change and the same is the case with the so called VIPs.

    What do you say? Whether the removal of beacon lights will help in putting an end to the VIP culture or will it not?

    Members are requested to keep the general rules regarding a GD in mind while participating. Let us have a healthy discussion.

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    Closing date: 4th May 2017.
  • #597188
    Well the motto of our PM Modi is to remove special treatment under the guise of VIP culture and hence formulated a new slogan called EIP- that means everyone is Important person. Why not, PM knows the value of our votes and through which he got the power and able to do many things that were kept under back burner and now if ordinary persons are given equal importance and diligence, surely he feels elated. Moreover our PM is more concerned with youth and their thinking ability and basking in that direction he is taking certain steps which are getting instant reactions positively from youth.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Our Prime Minister has coined a new abbreviation EIP to fight with the menace of VIP. No doubt it is a courageous and honest attempt from such a high person in Govt and definitely it will motivate the Govt machinery to think on that line and some people will be discouraged to use VIP label on one pretext or another.

    The common public will definitely accept this term in its good spirit and is really joyful to here it from the horse's mouth.

    The irony is that the governance system has gone to such a low level that changing the mindset of people working in Govt will take a long time.

    Only time will tell how effective this newly coined term is going to be .

    Knowledge is power.

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    yes sir, certainly it will work though its human nature not to accept things easily. But this is a very good move by our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to start EPI (every person important) instead of VIP. I welcome this move of Prime Minister.
    it is not only work of govt. but we people should also help and support to Govt. Though many persons specially the relatives and friends of ministers, collectors, MLAs, MPs etc will not like but I hope this will work. Our Prime Minister is known to take bold decisions and to implement the same. so, it is possible in India no doubt about it.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    The other day Karnataka CM was telling to media that he feel elated for being a VIP and thus he do want to have the red beacon or Lal Bathi on his car. For him it is the status symbol of VIP and that separates them from the others going on road. And on the other side Bihar CM convoy passes through a signal where in a martyr van killed by naxals has been stopped to give a pass signal for CM convoy. So what I mean to state here that though our PM has coined a new slogan to dump the VIP culture, our Babus and Netas would take further more time and be on par with EIP mode.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In a country like India where there is no much awareness among the public, EIP culture won't stand good. If the same is implemented, then every person will start misusing the same. As of now with the VIP culture that is confined only to selected few and of course some of them (not all) are misusing the same.

    For e.g when it comes to traffic on the road, if the VIPs (like M.Ps / M.L.As / M.L.Cs who might be going to the important session of the parliament / assembly) get stranded in the traffic, there loss of valuable time and the parliament / assembly may be adjourned. This results in unnecessary prolonging in passing various important bills or important activities. This is just an example.

    So, I strongly feel that EIP culture is not the right thing for a country like India but we should be have VIP culture only. And of course strict rule should be enforced so that VIPs do not misuse this privilege. But use it only for the cause nation / nation's development. But that too is not possible as misuse of powers / privileges is deep rooted in our country.

    I am against the implementation of EIP.

    Thanks & Regards

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    While welcoming the good intention of the Prime Minister,
    I have to say for the GD that:
    removing beacon lights alone will NOT change the VIP culture in our country.

    I stand convinced by the Orwellian quote: " All are equal, but some are more equal than others, and use it to support my stand in this GD.

    Though we had discontinued with Kings and Royalty, we have now many more Kings in the name of Ministers, MPs ,MLAs , Panchayat members, councillors, local area party leaders and even booth level party leaders.

    Even now the local party leaders themselves get royal treatment and enjoy and command and demand such treatment directly or indirectly through their aides.

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    "If one think God is not there it is necessity for man to create God because most of us need him to keep us on right track" is a good saying which indicates a superior personality must be there over us to guide and bring some good discipline with in us. So I go with VIP culture must be there for the various works and things to be get done smoothly in this world. According the EIP culture proposed by Mr. Modi, if every one is equal in the society who monitors the various works to be done and who owns rightful duties to be carried out in the society. Can you name a country where VIP culture is not there? Take America, one of the largest true defined democratic country where you can see VIP culture at every place. Previous President Obama and present President Mr. Trump are they not following VIP culture? For that fact our PM Mr. Modi can he carry out his duties without VIP culture? If common man and all officials are equally treated who will give respect to them? The workers who are working under these officials disobey them and the smooth functioning of the society will be severely affected. For the name sake removing beacon lights from the ministers cars is considered to be EIP culture that won't help in any way for the improvement of society. BJP government is bringing this type of melodious new issues into people to attract masses to improve their vote banks for the future elections. In India or for that matter in any country EIP culture cannot replace VIP culture.

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    In England when David Cameron was the Prime Minister he used to ride on a tube train to work, like every other citizen. Now is that possible in India? Definitely yes. I agree it is difficult to impose it on every other politician or on who whomsoever think they are VIP, because they they are stuck in the old mind set & may never be able to appreciate the importance and value of others time or effort or even life for that matter. The key phrase is 'difficult but not impossible'. It may take long time, may even take generations, but we have to start somewhere and I think our Prime Ministers EIP campaign is a good start towards a long march. Further coming from top most powerful position, it carries certain weight.

    With proper effort from those are in the position to influence others towards acceptance that our constitution provides its citizen equal rights gradually we can move towards an EIP era.

    Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders so catch them young, teach them good and the future will be bright.

    - Manjunath Bhat

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    It's not the question of getting royal treatment from the party workers or the public supporters, but at times specially, as mentioned earlier, during parliament /assembly sessions - the so called VIPs need to be given certain privilege of jumping signals or making the traffic stop till the convoy moves. But unfortunately, in a country like ours all such privileges for the VIPs are being misused by them. If not for the misuse of their powers / privileges by the VIPs, such a VIP culture need to be there in our country and not the EIP culture.

    Again taking the example of traffic, if everyone starts using the EIP privilege and start jumping the red lights, just imagine how it would be on the roads / at cross roads. Indian public need to learn self-discipline before they utilize this privilege.

    I am sure, EIP culture is not suitable for a country like ours and would be a big flop.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Though EIP concept is good, it is very difficult to implement and execute in a country like India. Even if it is executed, people's mindset will definitely not change. Just by removing the beacon lights, we cannot bring about the changes. There are other ways a person will prove he is a VIP to avail the services and take advantage.
    Also if everyone agree for a EIP culture, then sure most of the people will start taking advantage and there will not be any proper organisation of anything in the country. We see vip culture even in comapnies and every other field and does not hold only for politicians. There is something called vip existing because that position holds value and respect and they can get the work done easily.
    Same with politicians, there should be vip culture but it vip label should not be misused and cheat the society.

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    Members who are talking about EIP culture have to realize it is not the replacement of VIP culture with EIP culture, but VIP's should treat every individual equally for happiness and betterment of the society. For example, VIP Ministers, MLA's or higher Officials treat rich, middle class and poor people in different way. Suppose if a rich fellow and common man complains about the problem Municipal drinking water supply, VIP officials will solve the problem of a rich fellow in no more time but for the same problem the common man has to struggle for months to get rectify the problem by officials. So such insincere and dishonest VIP culture has to be removed but not the VIP culture itself. Instead of removing the maladies in the system bringing a new slogan like EIP culture will it help in better functioning of the society?

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    A very relevant topic for GD!

    As a resident of Delhi who lives very near to so-called Lutyen's Delhi, I have first-hand knowledge of the VIP culture. During 9 a.m to 10 a.m, the office-goers have to face lots of problem due to so-called VIP movement near North Block, South Block and adjacent areas. People have now accepted this menace as routine. However, problem arises and people get very angry when they have to suffer when they have to take patients to hospital, while going to the airport and railway stations and they have to wait for indefinite period due to VIP traffic. The anger becomes unbearable when the wives/sons/daughters and the sidekicks of the leaders behave arrogantly due to their proximity with the VIPs on road, hospital, airport and malls. Traffic police don't punish the sons of VIPs for drunken driving. The relatives behave rudely with everybody in malls, pubs and in other public places. In fact, rudeness has become a new identity for the VIPs and also for their relatives.

    In the next part of my response, I would discuss the origin of this VIP culture in India.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    It is really an appriciable and commendable step on the part of present government to end VIP culture and start EIP culture.
    In Earlier days because of this VIP culturre common public has faced many problems in the past especially during a time when a convoy of VIP visits from a place common public has to suffer peoples who are in urgency has to wait till convoy passes, no matter how urgent thr work even if it about life of a patient.
    These type of problems faced by common people are just one piece of a big picture of suffering of common man because of this culture.
    But ending such special treatment and start od EIP will make common man of India more confident and proud for bieng important.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • #597322
    We need not look into the origin of VIP culture but should focus on whether this should be replaced with EIP or not and how far this EIP culture is possible in India?

    I stay close to Raj Bhavan, CM's camp office & residence and Secretariat, in Hyderabad. This is my regular route and I very frequently experience the traffic.

    Though I'm very much against the misuse of this privilege by the VIPs, yet I'm afraid how some of the unruly public start misusing this newly acquired privilege and create more nuisance on roads and in public.

    Before implementing EIP, the public should be educated and should be made aware of self-discipline. And Indians basically lack self-discipline. So we need to think twice before implementing such an EIP culture.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #597327
    Actually PM Mr. Narendra Modi of BJP government has initiated this slogan after seeing some of his party and alien party members who misused their VIP status in a bad way which highlighted the news recently. This prompted our PM to propagate this idea. Actually there are two types of VIP cultures existing now. One is Bad VIP culture and the other is Good VIP culture. Bad VIP culture includes treating different status people differently, showing favoritism, nepotism, misusing their office for their own benefit, taking bribes and establishing corruption practices in the offices etc. But Good VIP culture is treating needful with their heart, using their good office for the benefit of common man, showing sincerity, responsibility and honesty in carrying out their duties, treating and responding equally to the problems of people of all status, maintaining their offices corruption free and improving the standards of working culture etc. Even in the present generation too we are still seeing some of the VIP officials who work sincerely for the welfare of common man and the society. But their number became easily countable among Bad cultured VIP's. But instead of removing these maladies in the society introducing a melodious slogan is considered to be the remedy for the whole issue is a thoughtless thing.

  • #597335
    I like the EIP culture and am going to place my points in favor of EIP. Here they are:
    1. Many authors have voted against this motion and their point is that only implementing EIP will not make any improvement. If everybody thinks like this when making any new implementations, then there will be none at all. When Rajiv Gandhi tried to implement computers in India, many opposed him. They had various arguments against implementing computers and one of them was that by only giving a setup for computers in India will not improve upon the jobless condition of the youths. Now see the change. The change in Indian technology and the increased number of employment schemes speak for themselves. My point is that you need to start from somewhere. I agree that time is required for the change in the mentality of people. But change will come gradually. No prime minister can change a primitive mentality in one day.
    2. Someone compared the VIP culture of America. I find this point totally irrelevant and beyond the motivation of our GD. The motion of our GD is whether EIP culture can survive in India. Why are we bothered about what is followed in America? Do we do everything by watching the procedure followed by Americans? In fact, it is good that the Indian government is doing something on its own for the betterment of the country.

    3. We should not underestimate the power of the common man. It is the common people who choose the so called "VIPs" through elections. Somebody talked about paying respect to MPs and MLAs.
    Does putting a red light on top of the car and making every common man who chose that MP, wait until that MPs car crosses their path show respect? I don't think so. What if the common man hates the MP totally from his heart? That red beacon doesn't mark respect but does mark autocracy. Do we want to carry on an autocratic culture in democratic India?

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #597339
    1. We should remember that MPs, MLAs are government service holders. Government workers are also known as public servants. So they have to serve the public. If they stay in their VIP shell, then they will get detached from public. They will not know the plight of public.
      I am fully sure that public will welcome this and any other future plans of our government that brings the MPs and MLAs more closer to them.
    2. On author placed a point that an MP or MLA might have to go to an important parliament session and so needs the red beacon. Let me counter this point with mine.
      1. What about the common en? Are they sitting at home without a job? DOn't they have to go their office? How would they feel, when they are hindered from going to their office during the peak hours, just because some MLA has to go to parliament? If the common man is not able to reach his office, who will be responsible for his that day's pay cut?
      2. What about pregnant women and seriously ill and injured people? How would they feel, if the ambulance is stalked for hours, just because a car with a red beacon is about to come?
      3. What about school children and people sitting for competitive examinations? What will happen to their future if due to read beacons, they fail to appear in the examination that day?

    Live life Kingsize!

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    Change in nature and in a society is evident. But before bringing about a change, the public need to have awareness. A majority of Indians take pride in breaking rules. When such public is given the privilege of EIP, certainly there will be much of indiscipline everywhere.

    Even otherwise, we come across people seldom following rules / lines in public places and if such indiscipline ones are given such a privilege, these are sure to misuse it.

    The Indian youth and common man have potential / power in them but unfortunately they are not utilizing it in the right / proper way but are misusing it. They readily get involved in destructive activities like strikes, bandhs etc that are no good for the society but when it comes to constructive / productive work, the so called power-packed youth / common man become too passive and are least bothered about the welfare of the society.

    My say is that it is not good to straightaway implement EIP culture . It's a long way and before it's implementation, the public need to be refined in certain aspects.

    Undoubtedly, the work of policy-makers has high priority than the work of an officer goer or a school-goer whose work depends on the policy-makers. Time is too precious for policy makers and making them stranded in the traffic affects the growth and development of the nation. But if an officer goer or a school-goer, though their work is important for them (the individual), when they getting stranded in the traffic, it will not have much impact on the development of the nation.

    A true Indian with patriotic feeling for his / her nation will give priority to the growth and development of the nation than concentrating on personal priorities.

    Indians need to be educated more on self-discipline, adhering to rules etc before the implementation of EIP culture.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #597360
    #597335, When we are comparing so many good things which are prevailing in other countries to be implemented in our country why can't we compare this issue with other country? we are living in a world with large impact of globalization and so we have to consider the issue at the Indian level and even at global level. Even though the present topic we are discussing in context to India , there is nothing wrong to see any possible solutions available regarding this issue from other countries too. In my view it is not the VIP culture which is harming the society but it is the maladies which entered into our root system of our governance is causing the harm. So the government should cleans the working system of offices under the purview of VIP's and make it corruption free, sincere and honest. VIP's must treat like every person in the society is important. Instead of finding out solutions for these maladies bringing out mob attracting slogan or removing red beacon lights from vehicles of the officials can't solve the problem. I have explained regarding these aspects in my above responses.

    Those who are arguing for EIP culture, I request them to clearly explain what is EIP culture? How this EIP culture works in the present day society? If possible explain it clearly with examples.

  • #597375
    Editor Jagdish,
    Every Active GD announced by ISC will have its closing date. That information is missing here. May I know what is the last date or closing date for this active GD? So that I can prepare myself and amend my previous commitments/ programme to participate in this GD to discuss about VIP culture and EIP culture.

    No life without Sun

  • #597381
    Closing date - Midnight 00:00 hrs on May 4th I.e as the date changes to May 5 as per IST. The closing date has been added to the text & the top text too above the thread's title so that members can see it.
    Thanks & Regards

  • #597382
    It is not that easy to erase the VIP culture and insert EIP culture. What Venkiteswaran said is correct. Each and every party head from the ward councellor to MP has been provided with vehicles which wears the party flag, display party name, display their title. These are more effective than the beacon or siren culture. These vehicles get private treatment by the police and the public whether the passenger is the VIP or their relatives and friends. In the recent news from Hyderabad, the VIPs are using their siren to get their way cleared. Modi has thought about beacon, but never thought about the siren, the flags and the title board. The vehicle carrying collector bears 'District collector'. The vehicle carrying Corporation commissioner as 'Commissioner' Even a DRO or Mayor or Deputy mayor have their title board in the front and in the rear of their vehicles. Such things should be done away to erase VIP culture and bring in EIP culture. Modi should think it over again. The doctors, Lawyers and policemen should also be prohibited to place their symbols on their vehicles.
    No life without Sun

  • #597385
    How does one connect discipline and indiscipline with EIP I don't know. What has EIP got to do with inflicting discipline among common men? Did VIP culture inflict the same among common men or "VIPs"? Discipline is a totally different issue. I think the author discussing this did not understand the premise of this GD. We are discussing whether EIP culture can be inculcated in India given the present scenario. Please don't deviate the main issue by bringing irrelevant and unrelated terms like "strikes" and "bandhs" etc.
    Regarding misuse of privilege, enforcing EIP doesn't anyway stand as an encouraging factor for misuse of privilege. Misuse of privilege can be anywhere and in any scenario. Don't VIPs misuse their privilege sometimes? We have seen the sons and daughters of popular MPs and MLAs breaking traffic rules so many times. Isn't that a misuse of privilege? Why then question a common man only? Nobody should be treated as an extraordinary. That is what is meant by EIP. Neither common or so called VIPs are above the basic rules and privileges. EIP tells us that everyone is equal and would enjoy equal amount of privileges in this democratic country.
    The EIP culture should be a standard to follow. It is nothing surreal. It is the most basic issue that should have been addressed long back. Had it been addressed way back, then today we would have performed a GD on the long terms effects inculcated due to EIP.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #597386
    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]

  • #597391
    A couple of months back, I visited a temple in the vicinity of Coimbatore city. I was standing in the darshan queue along with my family. Then a local leader of a national political party came with his family and friends. He wanted to have a special darshan . The temple staff asked him to show the ticket for that. Without shame he took a party symbol laminated and kept like an ID card. The temple staff knew what will happen if he did not allow him. So the entire group was allowed special darshan hindering our darshan.
    So whether you remove the beacon light or not those who have habituated and enjoyed the VIP culture and status therein will not forgo it.

    The political party leaders in Tamil Nadu have the 'angavastram' of different colour and hew which are unique to each party. Those angavastram will have the effect of a beacon.

    We get to hear that employees are threatened and even slapped by the MP, MLAs and party leaders for not catering to their VIP status and offering specialised services.

  • #597393
    Above all, ask any actor/actress, politician if they don't have "ego'. Ego of being rich, ego of being a VIPs. Will these people stand in the queue inn Bank or any public place where a normal person struggle? For them there is always a "back door" exist whether in airport or in any public place. For these VIPs we have reserved seats. Will these people start behaving like normal people? If yes then certainly EPI is possible.

  • #597394
    We had read in newspaper and viewed in TV channels that a Kerala MLA slapped a canteen boy for bringing his food a bit late. The explanation of the by that he is alone and had many other orders did not satisfy the MLA. The event was a discussion for a few days. But it ended in the boy losing his job.

    A former Kerala CM, was in the news recently, because the employee of Kerala House in Delhi was transferred as the former was not allotted his favourite room. The staff said that the room was booked and allotted to another person as per protocol preference and was occupied.

    We also get to hear reports of drivers getting punished or 'handled' for reasons that they did not give way for the VIP's vehicle, even in narrow roads.

    What can happen is that when one VIP fades away a new VIP and a new VIP culture comes in.

    When I was in Mumbai some years ago, I had been regularly witnessing a VIP routine. The business office of a party leader( who was also a minister once), was on my way to office. When the VIP arrives to the office, two pilot vehicles with shouting party workers will lead and clear way for him. If anyone is caught unawares or not knowing what is happening, such vehicle is pushed or pulled away from the road and the driver and occupants even manhandled. The same routine will repeat in the evening when the leader leaves fro office.
    Those who want to differentiate themselves from the common man and want VIP treatment will always do so and find ways to keep that. Beacon light or not will not affect them.

  • #597395
    Is it really possible in a country like India to give equal importance to all the 125 crore Indians? Anyway, there is a ban on the red beacon light on the VIPs' vehicles. However, the VIP culture is deep rooted in the heads of the VIPs who take / are taking undue advantage of their being VIP. A ban on red beacon light (lal batti) on the VIPs' vehicles might not remove the VIPness (though there is no such coinage like VIPness, I took the liberty of using it) from the minds of the so called VIPs.

    Suppose every Indian is given equal importance, this will get into the minds of the people. Suddenly they start feeling themselves to be the most important one in the country. With such a mindset in the public, there will be too many complications in the society. For instance people particularly the egoistic / arrogant / headstrong ones get into unnecessary arguments among themselves and with the govt officials too. Such people keep demanding or arguing in the name of being an 'EPI'. They start taking undue advantage of being EPI.

    It would have been better if PM Modi would have used the words 'Equality or Equal Treatment to All or Treating Everyone with Equality' or something like that instead of using the words 'Every Person is Important'.

    In a broader sense or when there is spiritual elevation of mind, this EPI holds good. But when it comes to practically, it is not possible to give importance to every person. Unfortunately, our Indian public has not elevated to that level. It's practically impossible to give importance to the entire 125 crore Indians.

    It takes long time for every Indian mind to elevate to higher / a particular standard. Until then it would be better to compromise with the VIP culture instead of getting further complications in the society.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #597397
    Breaking News-

    Some VIP minister are started using Hooter or siren instead of Red or Blue beacons. VIPs are having conversation with authority personal as how their vehicle look different. They are asking for alternative. Here, the red beacon culture is just banned and VIPs started using other alternative. This is the mindset of people and we are talking about Every person is important?

    To change anything, it need a strong mindset which is simply not available with our VIPs and above news prove it.

  • #597406
    In India every other people think they are more important than others. This thinking is not new but since years. People who talks in English, most of them want to show that they are important. Those who travel by car or air, think more important than others. In a road we have seen many time as how a big vehicle don't allow to small vehicle easily to go forward. Because the bigger vehicle person think he is more important. A high officer or authority think the juniors are lower than him/her. Leave about VIP, the normal people don't behave properly with their juniors.

    The above examples are just small example which shows the true mindset of people. In such mindset if we think that every person is Important, we are just trying to catch the air (vacuum) and nothing else.

  • #597416
    What Jeets gave as breaking news is true, VIP's instead of using Red or Blue beacon are now or already using Siren or Hooter to show their authority. In temples and other places whenever VIP or celebrities of the standard of MP's or MLA's or actors or players or business magnets or any officials come, the temple authorities themselves invite them honor them with shawl and allow immediate free darshan to them. For example a famous Doctor is there in your city. Suppose if you go for treatment and a very large number of people are there waiting for their turn to meet the doctor. Suddenly an MP or MLA comes to the hospital, the Doctor himself will come out and take him to his room. So here for the Doctor MP or MLA is the VIP person. For a common man like us Doctor is the VIP person. Once we meet the Doctor in that large crowd we get very much elated. So in our Indian culture itself VIP culture is there. BJP Party is talking about EIP culture now after Mr.Modi's man ke bath speech. But BJP Party not able to punish its allie Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad who slapped the official and got ban in domestic Air flight. Even without telling apologies to the official because pressure from its allie BJP government lifted the ban on the culprit member. So the party who is raising these sweet slogans to mesmerize people is not following its own preaches. Hence my view here is the government must control the corrupt, dishonest and insincere practices followed by Officials and see that the VIP Officials should give importance and respect to all the individuals of the society in carrying out their duties but not making every one VIP in the name of EIP. What Mr. Modi told as EIP culture importance to every person will suit political parties to ask votes.

  • #597428
    I would like to stress on few points brought by few other authors here:
    1. True that such a culture has not been applied among all sections of politics or maybe not in every town and city of every state. But this will take time. We should understand this. It is correct that every section of the society should apply this EIP culture, but it is not necessary that all of us will agree to it. That is why we are having this GD. But ,there are many such new notions where we Indians stand divided. But the government has to take certain decisions for the betterment of the country. Slowly people will get accustomed to it and abide by it.
    2. I don't agree that we should eradicate the titles like District Collector, etc. from their government approved cars. They have earned these positions. The title pays that respect to their hard work. It has nothing got to do with VIP or EIP. It's their job and designation. Removing red beacons signify that they don't think themselves to be above others due to their job positions.
    3. I don't agree that removing red beacons would not make common man respect them. Doesn't a common man respect a good teacher or a great doctor or a good administrator. Respect is earned through hard work. Red beacons command fear and annoyance and not respect. So what, now VIP tags can be removed from government officials? They still have their body of work behind them for people to behold and revere. VIPs are people who respect and love the most and that's what should the government officials and ministers now aspire for.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #597447
    The breaking news mentioned by Jeets reflects the deep rooted VIP culture in our country. The so-called VIPs who are a part of the govt / form the govt and work (supposed to work) for the welfare of the society, are finding it difficult to come out of the VIPness as they are used to red beacon lights since long.

    If the privilege i.e importance is suddenly given to the people, then the red beacon lights start glowing on the heads of 125 crore Indians (jokes apart) and the ban on red beacon lights on the VIPs vehicle might not serve its purpose.

    I firmly say that Indian public needs much of awareness on various things be it conservation of energy or water sources or following traffic rules or anything else. When there is awareness among the public, then such implementations hold good for the society, lest not.

    Let's take a small example, Indians are impatient by nature and can't wait for long in lines be it at ATMs for withdrawal or in the temples or at red signals. Every person gets impatient when he / she has to wait for long in the lines and start shouting / abusing / scolding / blaming the one who is responsible for such a long wait. So also at red signal, people unnecessarily keep honking when the red signal turns green as they can't wait any more. Similar is the case in temples that are heavily crowded during festive season. There's so much of push and pull in the lines and everyone keeps shouting and blaming the other.

    Even without EPI culture, everyone behave as if their work is urgent / important and they need to go / do first. If EPI is suddenly bestowed to such a public, the red beacon lights are sure to get into everyone's head.

    I strongly feel that this is not the right time to implement EPI culture in India. First the citizens need to be educated on various things. Even after 80 years of independence, still India is facing so many problems. The govt need to look after those problems and try to sort out / solve one after the other instead of giving priority to red beacon lights and VIP / EPI culture.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #597456
    EIP is "Everybody is an important person". VIP is "Very Important person". So still there is a difference VIPs are VERY important whereas EIPs are important only.

    In this country VIPs have so many privileges. They can do all things by putting all rules aside. Andhra Pradesh governor goes to Tirumala very frequently. Darshan for other people will be stopped for hours together. How much time these people are losing here?

    VIPs can go anywhere with Government Funds. No limit. For a poor man to purchase a tablet, no money. But VIP can go to most costly hospitals and get medication.

    If a VIP is coming to a village, how much expenditure you know. Big Big holdings. welcome banners. Many vehicles. Money spent for pooling people for his meeting.

    In this country by simply taking away the red light from vehicles is not going improve the plight of a common man. He was the sufferer. He is the sufferer and he will be the sufferer

    All this emotional speeches only to get the attention of people. Do you think Mr.Modi will share a regular flight for his travel?

    Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister's family stayed in a very costly hotel for many months. The bill is coming to crores of rupees. where from he paid it? Was the hotel not charged him? In such case how he compensated the management of hotel?

    Telangana Chief Minister in the name of Yagam spent lot of government many. In which way it was useful to a common man?

    I wonder anybody can substantiate the logic in these expenses. My answer is "NO".

    I don't think this concept will never realise in India.

    always confident

  • #597468
    I agree with Ramakrishna, its a common scene in the hospital, no matter how urgent work is there for regular people, doctor will leave that and go behind to these VIPs. Doctor's first preference will be the VIP then! How many VIPs care for the common people in India, the answer will be the cruel truth. Not only in hospitals but other places too, the priority is given to the VIPs.

    I agree with Kalyani too that its not the right time to implement EPI culture in India where there are no awareness with the common people. Just look at Indian villages, our farmers are fighting for their life but the truth is they are the one of the most important people in our society. Does any authority people or VIPs tried to improve their life? Mostly we find that farmers are always in trouble because they are not given the VIP tag! The system of India is pressure the poor people and do their job by these VIPs. Now, where is the "Every person is Important"?

    MLAs and MP gets so many facility free by the government. Will they stop and start living life like common people? It is highly unlike to be happened in India seeing the present culture by these VIPs.

  • #597472
    I would like to add it here that in some of the high society apartments or building, there are 2 lifts. One for uses for those people who lives in the apartment and for other lift for the common people (those who work in those society). To create differences between people are rooted in the mind of high class people (leave alone VIPs). One can easily guess how would it be tough to clear the mind set of people. Here we are talking "Every person is Important". It will not take "some time" in our society but ages to even think about EPI culture.

  • #597475
    As I mentioned in my above arguments there is Good VIP culture and bad VIP culture prevailing in India. Now I will explain why the Bad type of VIP Culture has deep rooted much in India because some of the following reasons:-
    1. Indiscipline prevailing in the present day generation children due to bad parenting. Because of economic constraints both the parents are going for jobs, because of present nuclear families there is no one in the home to guide, care, correct and discipline the children. Because of this, parents are giving more freedom to the children in all aspects which makes them misbehaved individuals. Due to lack of time parents give bribes to control them, doing home works by parents instead of children, providing whatever they want etc. instantly make them to grow in disciplined which is spreading into their careers which mark them as bad VIP's in the society.

    2. Environment of the home is one factor which is affecting the nurturing and growth of healthy minded young future citizens of India. Relationship between mother and father less than equal or lacking adjustments or ego problems or lack of emotional feelings between the family members or superiority complex or showing less attention to girl child etc. is affecting the growth of healthy minded young generation.

    3. Extreme diversity in Indian population with different religions, castes, sects and sub-sects, wide variations in the economic status of individuals, people in the society is divided into rich and poor, white collard and working class making the VIP culture to persist for ever.
    So in that way the VIP culture in India is deep rooted from base level. Hence my strong opinion is to eliminate the bad elements which exists in our VIP culture from gross root levels by our government and have to see the VIP's should treat every individual of the society equally and should work for the welfare of every one.

  • #597476
    Continuing my response, I would like to state that so-called VIP culture existed since time immemorial. When the king or high dignitaries used to pass, people were not allowed to move. Even at the time of war, people's movement was reestricted to facilitate movement of army (cavalry and infantry). This was regularsied during the British period. At the time of movements of Governor General ('Bara Lat'), Governors ('Chhota Lat) of the provinces and Chief of Army ('Jangi Lat'), common people were not allowed on the street. This was for purely administrative convenience. This facility was also extended to the spouses of the high dignitaries. It is also well-known that during the British period, Indians were not allowed to travel first-class of train. Mohandas Kartmachand Gandhi started his movement in South Africa after he was insulted and thrown out from a compartment in which a British dignitary was travelling. The system of flag in the bonnet of the car was introduced during the British period for easy identification of cars of the Governor-General and very high dignitaries.

    In the next part of my response, I would discuss the situation after independence of India, and how the sytem became a mess in next 30-40 years after 1947.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

  • #597477
    It is not a plausible logic that since we are living in the age of globalization, we should follow any foreign culture. It would have been a lot more plausible if the author would have said that we follow this EIP culture sincerely and make a change globally. Why not what India is thinking today, the world will follow tomorrow? Think about it.
    Those who are negating the EIP thing, one question from my side. Why so much negativity. It is a new concept. Let it surface and be practiced. If we start opposing every new innovative effort then the governance will become regressive. Public mentality takes time to change. But if we sit back with old policies and keep saying no to new beginnings, then surely even after 100 years of independence of India we will be nowhere. Take my word for it. We should always welcome a new constructive thought. I agree many VIPs will oppose to this. But they are bound to abide by it eventually as it is the Indian government who is taking the decision.
    I would like to further discuss on a wonderful point mentioned by Venkiteswaran. Certain political parties have their dress code which specifies their "power" and "mightiness". Yes it is same as a red beacon. But this is the first step of the government to bring everyone in equal grounds. Give them some time, I am sure the government will address the dress code issue soon. VIP culture isn't only symbolized by a read beacon only. It is true. But who can deny that it is a first step towards breaking this barrier between "ordinary" and "extra ordinary" public. Slowly and gradually we may see that every little gesture that may radiate the effect of mightiness of the politicians among common men will be eradicated. We need to have patience and allow changes in the societal rules until that time.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #597478
    I request the participating members to be aware of the guidelines and follow it sincerely. Let this GD be a GD on the given topic and not otherwise!
    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

  • #597482
    @#597395 member Kalyani poses a question: "Is it really possible in a country like India to give equal importance to all the 125 crore Indians?"
    There lies the crux of the problem.

    We the general public does not have the confidence and feeling of equality. We ourselves subjugate to the dominant VIP culture. In a large democracy like India, the general public voter only has hoisted the rulers on our head. Hence the so-called VIPs (which includes the bureaucrats and elected representatives) should feel obliged and give more service to the people considering that the public is their real master.

    When I say VIP culture, I do not mean the priority to be given to a person giving urgent and emergency service. For example, a doctor going to attend an emergency casualty needs to be given preference. A district collector who is on the way to quell a agitated mob in the nearby town needs a preference in the traffic. However the same persons when they go shopping or on vacation or going to a cinema do not deserve any preferential treatment.

    We have abolished untouchability. But see what is happening. Even in a n election rally, a VIP leader is there are different enclosures. The general public who is the actual voter is given the last place. The leader is separated by at least 50 feet by baricades from the people who had elected him earlier and placed him in a high position.
    VIP culture has brought in untouchability in a new way. That is euphemistically called 'security reasons'.

    Now every VIP takes it as a prestige to get 'Z' category security. They get angry if such a security cover is not given or withdrawn.

    Yesterday I read a news report that the ministers and VIPs in one state have directed their protocol officers and key aides to find new ways to keep up the VIP status and facilities in front of the public in the situation of removing beacon ;light. Some of then have stare using hooters though that is not permitted. They feel "infra dig" when such security level is not given and gun toting police personnel are not accompanying them.

    I probably feel that now these VIPs especially the politically influential ones will use pilot vehicles with their followers or hired service people wielding sticks and shouting and gesticulating people to clear way.

    In my next post I shall tell how we general public suffer by the excessive VIP culture.

  • #597485
    I had visited Tirupathi temple once. We were ready at the allotted queue start place at the given time. The queue started moving for some distance and we felt happy that we would get Darshan fast. However then it remained stagnant for about an hour and more.
    Suddenly we saw a commotion and saw many temple staff showing some urgency and tension. They started shouting at whoever asked something. After sometime most of them disappeared. After a long wait and getting closed in some rooms or halls we got Darshan for a few seconds . Those who are frequenters told us that ti took more than normal that day. It was much later that we knew there were some VVIPs who visited the temple at that day at that time.

    Similar experience has happened to me in some of the popular temples in Tamil Nadu and even in Guruvayoor in Kerala. VIP s feel they are VIPs even in front of God. I feel God may be smiling to himself or he may himself be helpless.

    I would like t know is there any ISC member who himself got or knew some others got accommodation in government owned Travellers Bungalow(not being a VIP or VIP's relative) any time in their life. But we can see that party leaders especially of a ruling party easily occupy it and enjoy the faculties which were constructed by using public money.
    VIP culture wil disappear only when the discretionary and differentiating power is removed. As the general public has to take the help of such VIPs one time or other , they try to be subservient and insignificant in front of them. It has now come to situation that an MP's, MLA's or Councillor's letter is taken as proof for identity and address and for many other things. That means an honest citizen has to get certificate from these elected representative to his honesty and even identity. As long as these type of things remain, the VIP culture will remain, irrespective of removing beacon light or name board.

    I say all these fully admitting that with due respect to democratic system where everyone is equal . The only place where still it is practised to the maximum extent is inside courts .

    However I am seeing winds of change in many fresh young officers in high position. Many IAS officers are getting themselves free from the VIP culture and move with people as one among them. Such ofcials and leaders are sincerely concerned as very important persons by people voluntarily, and give them respects and regards.

  • #597490
    It is not the question of negativity or opposing the new concept, but as this is a GD, some participants oppose the topic while others discuss in support of it. In a GD participants try to bring out the pros and cons of the newly (being) implemented culture in the topic. In a healthy GD, participants try to support their views / points with facts.

    Let's get back to the point in discussion. As mentioned in one of my earlier responses, change is evident be it in the society, nature or life and no one can deny this fact. From the ancient times there were gradual as well as drastic changes in the society. A drastic change leaves man on the crossroads while a gradual change is well received.

    As mentioned in my earlier response, time is not ripe to go for the EPI culture. It's a herculean task to bring awareness among the 125 crore Indians. A majority of the Indians stand with their point, each one created and living in one's comfort zone. Till to-date, the Indian public is not much aware of the importance of cleanliness and hygienic conditions. Forget about the illiterates / uneducated, even many of the educated ones don't bother to keep their surroundings clean, they don't bother to follow the traffic rules. Many Indians don't follow / maintain minimum etiquette in public places.

    With such a mindset of Indians, it's not easy to bring awareness among the Indians. EPI culture holds good for those who are self-disciplined, who have immense patience, who are courteous and who bother for others. The culture is not suitable for Indian mentality.

    As of now Indian public is blaming the VIPs as they are misusing their power for being VIP. They keep blaming the VIPs for showing off their power / position. When EPI is implemented, undoubtedly every individual blame the other for misusing the privilege of being an EPI. Unless and until there's a complete change in the Indian mentality, EPI doesn't suit Indian culture.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #597495
    #597477, The author has to realize taking any good from whether it is from your neighbor or your friend or from your enemy or from other country is always good but to desist to take good from others will stop human growth and civilization. The other thing that the author has to realize that what Mr.Modi has pronounced is VIP culture has to be replaced by EIP culture. It is his inner thought and it is not a law or order. No government can control VIP or EIP culture by law. The transformation of what he thought in his mind has come to reality may take several generations and it may not be considered if another government comes next time. To realize the thought of his mind, the mind set of 125 crores of people of India has to be changed from gross root level and the constraints for this I have mentioned in my above #597475 thread.

  • #597497
    I read with dismay the following quoted part from post#597476 by Partha Kansabanik........."This facility was also extended to the spouses of the high dignitaries. It is also well-known that during the British period, Indians were not allowed to travel first-class of train. Mohandas Kartmachand Gandhi started his movement in South Africa after he was insulted and thrown out from a compartment in which a British dignitary was travelling.".
    Do you want the same discrimination to continue? Is is not for stopping such atrocities that our leaders and earlier generations sacrificed a lot? Are we not proud on the terms 'EQULAITY' in our constitution the best guarantee of our democracy? Social Equality and Equal Access to Public Areas is one such equality guranteed by our constitution.When our access is prevented or delayed does not that equality broken?
    The flag or ribbon or other insignia displayed are only for responsible functioning and to know who is who forgetting our grievances redressed. It is also to understand their urgency and to accord priority voluntarily. But that is not to be used to suppress the equality rights of other people.
    The fire rescue official should get his priority in a traffic junctio signal because he is on emergency work redressing people's grievance and for protecting and saving life and assets. But he cannot be given priority when he is on way to go to cinema. He should not use hooter or blaring light when he is on a personal errand.
    But our VIPs do exactly that curtailig others' equality rights.

    Removing beacon lights is one welcome move to reduce VIP culture. To that extent I welcome that. In fact I welcome it more as a message and understanding of people's mind. T
    Removing beacon light can have effect on mostly the government officials and dignitaries who were using them. But that is not going to prevent the VIP culture among the party leaders and elected representatives . It is also not going to remove the VIP culture among many film actors , sports personalities etc.

  • #597498
    Till now I was telling about the existence of VIP culture, how it affected the common man, and how a simple removal of becon lights is not going to remove the VIP culture. I also said that it is the common people like us who allow the VIP culture to continue.

    Now that ou PM has given us a very hopegiving quote 'EIP-Everyone Is Important' I have to welcome it as I know PM has meant it sincerely. But I am a bit cynical in its ultimate practicality and result.

    Coming days will show us that even PM will not reinforce it because he would be under pressure from various quarters.

    We saw that in the political party donation matter. During the spirit and frenzy of demonetisation or currency withdrawal, we all felt that there would be more transparency in political donations and there would not be any donation without proper recording of source and accounting it to tax fully. But subsequent events and amendments proved that it had become still more beneficial to political parties. The present EIP declaration may also end up like that with some special VIPs getting benefits and special status more than what was existing.

    After all, who are the real law makers and implementers? Is it you and me? No as you all know.

  • #597504
    Everyone on this Earth wants to have 'equality'. Refer my response # 597395 wherein I mentioned that it would have been better if our PM would have used the word 'equality' instead of 'EPI'.

    No one is in support of 'discrimination' / 'suppression'. But the point of discussion here is whether VIP culture be replaced with EPI or not? If yes, what are its pros and cons and is it possible in a country like India to have such an EPI culture or not?

    As a responsible citizen of India who take pride in being an Indian, I do condemn the misuse of power by a good number of VVIPs / VIPs in our country.

    Venkiteswaran, you mentioned your experience in Tirumala Venkateswara temple. Right from my childhood days, I had visited the temple several times and experienced the standing of pilgrims in the compartments or lines several times. And finally being forcefully pushed by the volunteers in the sanctum sanctorum. That's really disgusting.

    So also many a times, I get stranded in the traffic while dropping / picking my daughter to / from school in my four wheeler as my daily route is via Raj Bhavan and CM's residence. I know and had / have been affected with the so called VIP culture.

    But that doesn't mean that this should be replaced with EPI and it is not possible in a country like India. My say is that Indian public is not yet in a position to take up the privilege of being EPI.

    As mentioned in my earlier posts there are too many problems in the society to be sorted out and solved by the govt. This has to be done step-wise one after the other and not suddenly.

    To quote an example, it's like suddenly offering a sumptuous meal to a person who is starving since long. The person will make a mess of everything as he / she is not in position / prepared to receive such a sumptuous meal.

    Thanks & Regards

  • #597518
    We are living in society with having everyone around like doctor, farmer, businessman, ISC editor ( I seriously hope that ISC editors belong to the society) because I mentioned their name and my post got deleted. labourers etc. In these groups some cheap mentality people are available who thinks they are the Boss and what they talk is only relevant. With such mentality people who just can't bear if someone talks against them. They misuse their power and try to shut others mouth. In such society EPI is just a dream.

    Let people understand the meaning of their power and then come out for EPI support.

  • #597520
    Till now I was discussing :- about the existence of VIP culture, how it affected the common man, and how a simple removal of beacon lights is not going to remove the VIP culture.
    I also said that it is the common people like us who allow the VIP culture to continue.

    Now that our PM has given us a very hope-giving quote or coinage -'EIP' which he expanded as –'Everyone Is Important' I have to welcome it as I am sure our PM has meant it sincerely. He would have sensed the people's pulse from his various contacts with people, his observation of the masses during public meetings and the feedback he gets by various channels of communication and feedback. When he said 'every person is important' nobody can question that and everyone will welcome fully.

    PM's quote has become a good press copy. It is a very handy quote for his party supporter for their future campaign.

    But the real core issues do not lie there. I am a bit cynical in its ultimate practicality and result. PM has matter-of-factly said that everyone is important.

    But our people are very creative. For every law made, our people can find suitable loopholes. Similarly for every quote and slogan they can bring any number of creative expansions and interpretations.

    I recall what one cartoonist said decades ago. He said everyone in this country is a VIP. Either 'very important person' or 'Very Insignificant Person'. We the ordinary people were always VIPs with the latter interpretation.

    Now that PM has said EIP, that also can accommodate us with convenient expansions. Thus erstwhile VIPs will now automatically become EIP –Extra Important Persons.

    That will again prove George Orwell as always right : While he said 'All are equal, but some are more equal'; in the case of EIP, "every person is important , only that , some are just 'extra important' "

    Interested persons can easily justify for any subsequent amendments as and whn they come.

    ( Kalyani@597504: you will get a clear idea of what I say reading my further post also, as points and validations unfold better gradually)

  • #597532
    1. Agreed that the feeling of being VIP is deep routed and its not so easy to go away. But the belief that Earth is still and Sun revolves around it was also firm. It was not easy to remove that too. But it happened. How can we assume that the so called "VIPs" will let go off there belief and power on just a call to remove red beacon. It will take time. But this will happen if the government takes small efforts like this. In fact, when the MPs and MLAs realize that such small efforts will become big in their vote bank, then they will surely abide by this rule. We must keep our belief.
    2. The argument put by one author that if everyone gets equal importance, then complications will rise in the society and people will get into arguments is the most hilarious thing I have heard till date and I believe it will remain the most funniest thing I will ever come across.
    1. Does the author imply that since "argument" might take place, people should not get equal stature in the society. So indirectly the author is promoting any kind of societal inequality and bias.
    2. Headstrong people will always exist. A red beacon or no red beacon, it will have no impact on the future headstrong minds. In fact, when headstrong people argue about something, we generally call it brainstorming. Lot of beautiful ideas come from this brainstorming.
    3. Achieving perfect equality in society is a long term effect. In fact, when government proposed this, they thought about a long term societal modification. The author needs to understand the implications of this government policy and of this GD. First understand it properly and then place your point. When VIPs don't get a preference over common men while being in a car, they will have to stop taking out of turn traffic privileges. They are public servant. Public has made them a VIP through their votes. Without us, they are no VIPs. They should serve public without thinking that they are VIPs and they are stooping to the level of common people. That is what is the motivation of government behind this policy.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #597533
    Agreed that the mentality of being a VIP needs to be changed in order that the removal of beacon becomes a success. But there should be starting point to address this issue. Removal of red beacon is the best start to eradicate VIP mentality is what I feel. Now the government needs strong invigilation that such rules are maintained and like some authors mentioned, no one misuses these rules or bypasses this rule by any other alternative. If government can formulate strict rules regarding this EIP will be a big success after Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
    Live life Kingsize!

  • #597543
    Of all the arguments in favour of the EIP quote I found the one put forth by Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala (postno. 597238) most optiistic. Actually his confidence is on the PM. While he was very realistic when saying ..".. Though many persons specially the relatives and friends of ministers, collectors, MLAs, MPs etc will not like.." he was hoping against hope only relying on the PM's image and his faith in the PM..His words...".. but I hope this will work. Our Prime Minister is known to take bold decisions and to implement the same. so, it is possible in India no doubt about it." reflect that.
    Let his faith be proved right. That is my hope , because as I said, I am abit cynical seeing how many earlier sayings and promises turned later.

    Mohan(ref post no. #597240 is not ready to be so overconfident. That is why he says ..." though our PM has coined a new slogan to dump the VIP culture, our Babus and Netas would take further more time and be on par with EIP mode." I take his statement to be more near to my view, but I am a bit more pessimistic, because of my observation and projections.

    There is no confusion with Ramakrishna Kambhampati(597289) because he is totally in support of the VIP culture.See his words..." I go with VIP culture must be there for the various works and things to be get done smoothly in this world." ....He can close his arguments with a single sentence and need not spare more time and words because he does not recognise EIP, and hence not for or against the GD topic.

    I appreciate Manjunath Bhat, when he displays the confidence and conviction of a stern ruler. That is why he could says..." The key phrase is 'difficult but not impossible'. It may take long time, may even take generations, but we have to start somewhere and I think our Prime Ministers EIP campaign is a good start..." Good I appreciate his mindset and even though the view goes against mine, congratulate him in presenting his view in a positive way.

    While reading Ramakrishna Kambhampati's views ..." So such insincere and dishonest VIP culture has to be removed but not the VIP culture itself. Instead of removing the maladies in the system bringing a new slogan like EIP culture will it help in better functioning of the society?"I am also equally confused as he himself is. It is not clear to me what he stands for.
    Neelm Joshi also feels that PM has got a one shot solution to end VIP culture by coining new term EIP. I would like her to read my posts enunciating my views on the matter.

    That leaves only a few participants who agree with or are closer to my views and stand in this GD. As one who has totally dittoed my stand, I thank Sun; and also all those who are closer to my views. Hope to see more views before I respond further.

  • #597546
    Implementing EIP in India is really a big challange becuase even the constitution talks about equity not equality. But if implemented with determination and willpower it will do wonders for our society.
    Its implememtion should include no prefrences to anyone even on the basis of caste and relegion because that too makes few people.more important than others, but still government should try to make a citizen begging at street as important as a person travelling with a peivate jet when it comes to rights of that person than only the EIP culture will show its results.
    Many peoples often define our laws as laws which can be easily bent by lawyers by defining them in diferent ways, if EIP really implemented well even our laws will be such that they will make every person important.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

  • #597555
    #597453, With regard to your remark-If you read and go through my arguments carefully, all along my arguments I am saying Good VIP culture and bad VIP culture.I think you have bypassed this my previous response(#5973270). I am very clear with my argument with that a remedial treatment should be given from the government side to eliminate the corruptive, dishonest and insincere nature to their duties of VIP's to nurture good VIP culture in the country to serve the society and nation. Instead of finding remedies for these problems calling everyone an EIP or replacing the word VIP with EIP is no use. People cannot decide a person to be good VIP or bad VIP. If a VIP person is good, people will praise and adore him/her like Abdul Kalam, Kiran Bedi, Manohar Parrikar, Sushma Swaraj, Nitish Kumar, Naveen Patnaik etc. If a VIP person is bad, people will scold them in their mind but outwardly praise them for carrying out their works. Anyhow both of them (good or bad) will carry the tag of VIP only. So my strong argument is such good VIP culture to be encouraged and so such VIP's give importance to the welfare of every person in the society.
    Mr. Venkat sir, When I am going through your arguments I am not able to come to a perfect view whether you believe EIP culture is a reality in India in near future or far future or it is impossible?

  • #597573
    Although EIP culture is difficult to implement in our country, yet it is not impossible. Many social evils were eradicated from our society through social reforms. Economic policies became liberal after people became aware of globalization concept. King ship was converted into a democratic government. So, introducing EIP in our country may be a drastic decision, but yet it is not impossible. Some reforms should take place and people should become aware of equality concept. Every citizen is important in our country. The people who serve first should receive the highest preference. Every citizen has the basic right to receive Darshana and hence the people who visit first should get the preference. Normally VIP means, a person who is refereed by a reputed person is given preference. But, this concept should not be applied in jobs, because such people cannot always prove as assets. For economic progress, VIP concept does not bring success in the long run although short run.

  • #597585
    In this part of my response, I am going to deal with the situation after independence. There is no doubt that the position improved a lot in this regard after independence. The political leaders, irrespeective of their party affiliations, were very popular and they wanted to have a feel of people's thinking. They tried to mix with people, to hear their problems. So, they didn't bother much about security aspect.

    But the situation changed drastically after the assassination of Mrs. Indira Gandhi in 1984 by her own bodyguards. The Government formulated detailed security instructions through security manual. There was different categorisation of security covers (Z+, Z, Y,X, etc.). After the kidnapping of one of the daughter of a Home Minister, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed by militants, the position further deteriorated. This event was responsible for security cover for the close relatives of the important persons (VIPs/VVIPs).

    But along with modenisation and categorisation of security protocal, the misuse also started. Some political started taking security cover as status symbol. Even obscure leaders started applying for security cover citing even false threats. They start getting security cover. Along with those leaders, their family-members also started security cover of various categories. The spoilt brat of the VVIPs/VIPs started misusing security cover. Many children of those VVIPs/VIPs start using the security personnel entrusted with their protection for various unlawful activities, the details of which can't be provided here. This was the beginning of so-called VIP culture.

    In the next part of my response, I would deal with some mishaps associated with this VIP culture, and my opinion on how it can be controlled.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

  • #597592
    I saw again some topics of discipline and misbehaved children and working parents etc. brought here. I think all these are not at all related to the topic. It is totally irrelevant for this GD.
    One big problem of the red beacon is that VIPs might use it for trivial issues like going to market place or going to a trip with family. Since these are high profile politicians, the police fear them a lot. They may not check whether the red beacon car is used for a proper reason, in fear of the wrath of the politician residing in the car. This problem can be solved by removing red beacons totally.
    Many authors have cited lots of examples which shows VIP culture. We should seek methods and rules that can abolish such mean examples from happening at all. For example, the event of Mahatma Gandhi being insulted in South Africa was stated. But we also know that it was Mahatma Gandhi who fought against such mean mentality in his non violent way. Many people like today must have criticized his effort too. Today we can see who came out victorious. I think my purpose in this GD is pretty much solved with this example.
    We may criticize the effort of the government as to premature. But we need to give it time to mature. One author in fact compared EIP over VIP giving "sumptuous meal" to "starving people". The author has unknowingly elaborated the benefit of EIP only. The author agrees that EIP is a "sumptuous meal". So if India is a starving nation for such beneficial rules, then I am sure EIP will survive and become a success in India given the present scenario.
    VIPs become a "VIP" based on certain rules and privileges, such like the red beacon. Government has taken a positive step by removing one such privilege. We should welcome it as it is to the benefit of the common people. As one author said it is a 125 crore country. My point is that EIP will become successful because it is a vastly populated country. This government policy is in the benefit of the majority of the population who are middle class and lower class. They are not "VIPs" but commoners. But the irony is that such a benevolent effort is criticized mostly by the common people itself.

    Live life Kingsize!

  • #597593
    Now, the deadlines nearing to conclude the GD.
    Till now what was going on from my side? Let me summarise and condense it for easy recall.

    The GD question is : "EIP culture - Would it be possible in our country?". The ideal answer theoretically shouldl be 'YES".But the GD author himself said "I seriously doubt whether it would be possible in our Indian scenario"

    As an explanation and seeking exposition for his views, he asks another pertinent question "What do you say? Whether the removal of beacon lights will help in putting an end to the VIP culture or will it not?".

    So I took this question as crux of the debate. And my answer is No for the GD title question as well as the supplementary question. Even in any other country, including the countries that proclaim so, EIP culture is still not a reality practically.

    Many decades ago itself George Orwell ridiculed this ideal aim by saying that " All are equal, but some are equal." (when some new political systems emerging then tried to entice people saying that they will treat all people equal.)

    As a PM with some vision our PM Modiji has coined a new slogan or quote phrase-EIP culture. Being a down to earth practical ordinary citizen I can say that at the most it is an Utopian dream.

    Very soon the erstwhile VIPs as we understood and acknowledged them, will practically prove that they are EIPs in letter and spirit; but they will expand it as Extra Important Persons..Just as VIP was not sufficient earlier, some became VVIPs, now there will be ordinary EIPs as PM meant, some Extra Important Persons and some other Extremely Important Persons.

    Our PM may be forced to accede to the request and pressure of various VIPs –vested interest parties – to amend and give more graded expansions to EIP like a few samples I gave above.

    As the saying goes" History repeats solving all existing questions, putting forth a new one", the new EIP culture idea will remove the existing VIP culture, but putting forth a new and unexpected one. It will rise like the drugresistant bacteria making it difficult to cure at all. God forbid that.

    Then what is going to happen? As usual. The ordinary citizen-voter will be a real EIP only on election days. That day we will be EIP as Electorally Important Person, or Election-day Important Person. Once the elections are over, the elected representatives will become the EIPs on our behalf-Elected Important Persons.

    Some others who would be holding some posts (not elected) will become Elevated Important Persons or Employed Important Persons. There will be many similar versions for EIPs.

  • #597594
    So, expressing my thanks to all the participants in this GD,I conclude my part of discussion stating that:

    1. EIP culture-- as PM envisaged with all good intentions and hope--is practically NOT going to be a reality.

    2. The removal of beacon lights can serve only to make people feel that PM was meaning well and has started with some initiative.

    3. The new coinage 'EIP' and 'EIP culture' along with the removal of beacon lights will help BJP and its alliance to have a good campaign material. That is all.

    4. If at all an EIP culture comes in and replaces the VIP culture it will be only by way of replacing the terms VIP and VVIP by EP in the following variety of expanded forms. EIP to mean :

    (a) Extra Important Persons
    (b) Extremely Important Persons
    (c) Elected Important Persons
    (d) Ever Important Person
    (e) Economically Important Person

    And ordinary citizen will remain as EIP only to mean

    (f) Election-day Important Peron.

  • #597596
    Most of the participants of this debate arguing for replacement of VIP culture with EIP culture has to realize that these VIP's got that stand because of their strategic position of their public relation. Those who are arguing for EPI culture can you believe Mr. Modi or Mr. Pranab or any CM without protocols, privileges, protection force, dress codes will they run their office. For example a Police Officer without his dress code has no impact on people to carry out his duties. This dress code will give some VIP status which will help him to carry out efficiently his duties. Similary a Judge, lawyer, an Army Officer dress code is a must to carry out their duties. Removing red beacons on cars or removing dress code will replace VIP culture with EIP is it believable thing? Our democracy is providing equal opportunities to everyone but not equal position and possesions to every one. Basing on his abilities or capabilities one may attain a VIP status like PM or CM or President or Collector or Mayor or an IAS Officer etc. For example our PM himself he tells he is a Chai waala before he became a CM or PM. So by virtue of attaining such position he got that VIP status otherwise he would have been Chai wala only. So we can definitely say VIP is a status which is always there which is immortal. Then where is the question that VIP should be replaced with EIP? So already in my earliest responses I mentioned the slogan initiated by Mr. Modi will help political parties because for votes every person is important for them. The alternative to do justice for this idea is to inculcate some good duty minded culture in VIP's as I explained in my above responses so that such good cultured VIP's treat everyone equally in the society and duly work for the welfare of the nation.

  • #597605
    Continuing my response, I would like to say that considering the general condition of security situation in our country, it would not be advisable to withdraw the security cover and related facilities for the VVIPs/VIPs. But the Government should take a hard look on the threat perception of every leader of this country who is having security cover and who applies for fresh security cover. Secuirty must not be provided as a status symbol, but should be provided on actual threat. Moreover, the system of extending security cover to the spouse and children of the leader must be re-examined. At the same time, the security personnel who are posted with leaders must be trained in such a manner that they can decline to participate in any unethical activity being indulged by any such leader or his/her relatives. As a Govt. officer who has some idea on this matter, I could have stated much more, but chose not to do so.

    But the most important initiative must have to be taken by the all-powerful common people to stop this VIP culture. They must know the exact nature of duty of the security personnel-they must know what the security personnel attached with a leader can do what they can't. There must be a consciousness drive all over the country to check the menace of VIP culture. In the age of high technology and mobile photos, any illegal activity by the security personnel and also the VIP and his/her relatives can be reecorded and sent to appropriate authority for appropriate action. High Courts and Supreme Court will definitely accept Public Intterest Littigation (PIL) on this VIP culture.

    Cocluding my argument I must state that the security cover must continue for those who face real threat, but so-called VIP cultture must be ended immediately. The common people has to take the initiative to forcefully stop this VIP culture. However for developing EIP culture, the phrase mooted by PM Modi, the entire society has to move forward a lot. Banning beacon lights is only a baby step in that direction. But we must welcome this positive step.

    Finally, I express my best wishes to all participants and thank Mr. Jagdish Patro on initiating this interesting and socially relevant GD.

    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

  • #597626
    1. First of all dress codes are meant to differentiate between anybody and the person who is in certain profession. So policemen have dress codes, politicians have self made dress codes(the reason I say self made is because it is not officially documented anywhere that a certain level of politician should wear such and such dress), corporate people have a standard formal dress code, coaches of various training centers have their dress codes. But does that mean all these people I mentioned are VIPs. So the point raised by the author that dress codes define VIP is totally incorrect and nullified.
    2. VIPs are made VIPs by their work and subsequently by the respect they earn from us, by virtue of their work. This should be the definition of VIP and their body of work should speak for them. No red beacon shall speak of their power.
    3. The mightiness of the VIPs is a deep rooted problem, but so were many superstitions. "Satidaha" in West Bengal, the rule that women should stay and home and never study or work outside in our country were few of such social evils or superstitions. But people like Rammohan Roy or Lord Bentick or many other such philanthropists have changed such deep rooted norms of the society. At the time these were prevalent, people thought that nothing could stop these problems. I don't know whether they had a GD like this at that time. But had the great men I mentioned and many more not taken their first steps again such evils, that culture would have been prevalent till today. They made possible what seemed to be challenging and impossible in their times in India.
    So my point is that government has taken a bold step by implementing the EIP culture. They should take more such steps. Slowly and gradually what seems to be impossible, that is removing the VIP culture and mindset totally from Indian society, today will be achieved. It is my belief.

    Live life Kingsize!

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