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    Why did my thread close for further response?

    Yesterday I have posted a thread related to revenue share bonus and I am little bit confused whether its RSB for March or April. Let see that thread .
    Saji sir responded that I have received RSB for Month of March and that of April is supposed to be announced today ( 30 Apr) or tomorrow (1 May).
    Yesterday Timmy sir announced RSB and its indicated month of March not April.

    Where was I wrong? Please let me know.
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    I too felt bad after seeing the thread locked. The Editor should have left the thread for the members to congratulate you. There was no need to lock such a testimonial/complimentary thread. At times, the editors show their
    over smartness by locking the genuine threads. Just look at my thread on hair cuts which has been deleted, and look at the thread on brushing teeth which has been permitted. Editors should change their attitude of locking genuine threads. And Editors wrong actions are supported and justified by Managing Editor.

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    The RSB announced was for the month of March. April month's RSB will be announced on June 1st. Hope it's clear.

    Thanks & Regards

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    Ms. Kalyani,
    Editor Mr. Saji Ganesh has posted a wrong information and locked the thread. He has said 'Revenue Share Bonus for the month of April will be announced today or tomorrow." This was not expected from an intelligent and smart editor. What was the need to lock the thread after posting a wrong information? If the thread was left free, members would have raised a question on his wrong response. Editors should think twice or thrice before posting their response to a query.

    Editor Saji Ganesh should seek an apology to the author Hakimmudin for his wrong posting.

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    Mr Sun, you appear to be more affected than the author himself. I do admit that the response posted by me in the thread under reference was factually incorrect and my apologies (not because Sun demanded, but because I take it as my responsibility) to Hakimuddin for the wrong information. It was actually a miscalculation on my part. Now, coming to the locking of the thread, I saw the thread by Hakimuddin before the RSB was announced by Timmy sir and so I locked the thread to avoid any confusion.
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    I am taking the liberty of locking this thread as, I suppose, your doubt on RSB is clarified.

    Thanks & Regards

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    We are opening the other thread since it was indeed a momentous moment to get the RSB for the first time.

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    Thanks everybody for your response.
    There is no need of apologies, I just want to clear my doubt.
    Thanks again.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    Well, since this locked thread is reopened for Vandana's entry, I take this opportunity to tell Editor Mr. Saji Ganesh to avoid extraordinary words. A thread is common to all members, and any member can come up with their response, especially when something has gone wrong. The author may not be in a position to understand and explain things. But an experienced member like me can clear doubt, raise query, submit suggestions and recommendations. So avoid being rude to members. It is good that you sought an apology from the author. You need not mention it bracket that you did not do it under the pressure of Sun.
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