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    It is May day and Thala Ajith Kumar's Birthday

    Hi everyone ISC,

    I wish everyone "May Day" (Labor day) through this thread. It is not only Labor day, but also Tamil Movie Ultimate star Thala Ajith Kumar's Birthday. All his fans are celebrating his Birthday today more than the Labor day. As he born on this special day, some internal power in him is making him work to keep on top of Tamil film industry. He is not only popular through his films, but through his kind heart also. Yes everyone in the film industry loves him a lot. He will look his co-worker as member of his own family and will treat them well. He come forward to help them in anyway as he can through Finance or by kind words. Like this we can go on keep talking bout him. This is bit about the great actor. Let us all wish him a Very Happy Birth Day.
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    May Day wishes to all. For any organisation work force are very important. They are the backbone of the company. Some may bring money. Some may use their brains but some body has to toil physically for visualising our efforts. Without them nothing can be done. Everybody will go and see the beauty of taj mahal and appreciate and say shajan has made this.Nobody will think of people toiled for years together to bring a shape to that monument. Nobody remembers them. For a daily wage they work by putting their lives at risk. Kudos to them.
    Similarly all establishments are working because of this work force only. I wish all well for the people who toils for uplift of the country. Happy May Day Comrades.
    I came to know that today is the birthday of Thala Ajith Kumar through this thread only. I wish him all the best.

    always confident

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