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    Sprightly bits & pieces of confetti - a life changing moment

    [This thread is the winner of the special prize for the April 2017 topic based TOW contest]

    The party over, all that remained was the confetti scattered on the floor. Tiny bits and pieces of colourful paper shimmered in the bright lights. Tanya worked the broom, sweeping the mess. Each sweep sent the bits and pieces into a frenzy – they jumped and flew and glimmered some more; like a new life had been pumped into them.

    Tanya leant against a wall, exhausted, and just then caught her reflection in a tinted glass window. She stared into her lovely face with confetti stuck in her hair. It brought back memories of her wedding day.

    Memories are powerful treasures that transport you into the realms of the past. Tanya's eyes welled with tears as her thoughts drew to Adam. Her lovely Adam, a victim of an ugly twist of fate, now lay in a coma, in a hospital bed.

    Instinctively, Adam's favourite song played in her head, and she softly mouthed the words – "Storms never last do they baby; bad times all pass with the winds…" She picked the broom and went back to the bits and pieces on the floor. And as before they twinkled and they pranced, almost teasing her.

    Tanya's life was like the bits and pieces, scattered, but without the glitter and the bounce. She needed a sweeping change, to spring back. And this was perhaps her defining moment – she sang on, "… your hand in mine stills the thunder; you make the sun want to shine." Enthralled, she watched the confetti's lively performance, and she collected her thoughts – she needed to piece together her life's bits and pieces too and make it sprightly. She was going to catch the sun and shine again!

    This short story is my entry to the TOW, ending 6/05/2017.
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    "Memories are powerful treasures that transport you into the realms of the past" - Well said. I liked the composition of such beautiful words to make the reader to think once. A very beautiful presentation of your thoughts with a lovely message to move on.

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    A old lady lying on the bed trying to recollect her happy moments. She is not able to completely remember. She is waiting and waiting. All of a sudden a memory came to her mind. The sweet days she has spent with her husband and some special moments. This has brought lot of energy and she started bringing all her bits and pieces of life together with her positive attitude of mind. An excellent way of expression. Ms.Juana. Sweet memories die hard.
    always confident

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    The highlight of this Tow topic write up is "Storms never last do they baby; bad times all pass with the winds…" which suits to every ones life and thus we have to forget the bad happenings and hope for good.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you, Jagdish for your open appreciation.
    Yes, Dr Rao memories are difficult to erase - the good the bad, they are always there in a recess of our minds. Some come to haunt us, others bring solace.
    Mohan, that one line has a big lesson.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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