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    Simple exercises to maintain the heart well and to avoid heart attack

    The following simple exercises to maintain the heart well and avoid heart attack or other heart problems. Many of fear about exercises but the following are very simple and if followed it become routine
    • Daily exercise helps the blood vessels in better flowing of blood
    • Walking, Jogging, cycling, swimming are simple exercises which one can adopt daily by any one.
    • Aged people should have the habit of walking daily
    • Walking should be taken as routine especially in same time daily both in morning and or in evening.
    • Avoiding the lifts to go up and using the stairs for floors upto three to the possible extent helps the heart flow well
    • To the possible extent we can walk to the nearby distances by avoiding motor bike or cars
    • Those who use buses for going to office or workplace can alight from the bus before two or three bus stops while returning and reach the house by walking.
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    Yes, daily exercise make our body fit and healthy. Because of that our life style will change.
    Body exercise is more important for the human body

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    Exercise is very important for human beings for up keeping their health. Our forefathers used to do lot of physical exercises . They used to go on to fields. Do lot of physical work in the field. Slowly started using cycle. Cycling is also a very good exercise . In the houses ladies used to do lot of hard work. Getting water from the well, grinding of dols and rice etc. Hence they were not requiring any separate exercise. But these days we don't have any physical exercise. Hence we have to do something to compensate. Walking is very good suggested by many. While coming from office I used to get down from my car 2 Kms away from my house and used walk down that distance. But nowadays I stopped that also. There is no exercise . Daily I climb three floors by foot once and climb down once daily. Walking is very good suggested by many doctors. We should do some exercise daily.
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