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    Life is breaking into and joining of bits and pieces

    Life is bits and pieces of various experiences conjoint. When we come to this world, our life is a clean slate. It basically consists of empty bits and pieces waiting to be filled up with happiness and sadness, tranquility and turmoil. Initially our world consists of our parents. So our parents start joining the of the empty bits in our life with their love and guidance. Slowly, as we grow up we meet up new people like friends, teachers, colleagues and fill the remaining empty bits in our life with their thoughts, memories and experiences. By this time we are also fully grown ups and capable of filling the empty pieces of our life with our own thoughts, hopes and experiences.

    If we really think deep, then the irony is that all of us try to fill the void of our life with bits of amenities and luxury. But do we really take them when we leave this world? We only leave our memories behind for the people with whom we shared our life. Yet we seek materialistic bits and pieces all our life.
    The bits and pieces of experiences that we gathered all our life and made a beautiful ensemble of happiness with, disintegrate when we leave the earthly bodies. They remain as torn and incoherent bits and pieces of memories with our loved ones. Again, our loved ones make their own ensemble of happiness and experience with our and their bits and pieces of thoughts and experiences. When they die they also leave such thoughts with the memories of their loved ones. Like this, the cycle of life continues by breaking and joining bits and pieces.

    This is an entry for the TOW contest.
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    Good thought provoking creation from the author connecting to Tow topic. Life is challenging and life is always bothersome to many. In that process some would break up and then repent for their ugly action in huff and thus join later but in pieces. Once a relation is sore and cut, it cannot be joined as clean as possible. There would be some source of doubts and expectations and thus the trust would build up slowly and surely. In that process one may join the other with more confidence and further expectations. Nevertheless the life after quarrel and fight would be best and right.
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    Nicely explained by the author. Life is mortal. When we go from here people will have some memories of us. Slowly they will forget in the pursuit of their life and in bringing together their bits and pieces of experience. This is the way of life. of course in bringing together their bits and pieces together they may add some of deceased person also. It will continue for ever one generation after another.

    It is better to leave behind us pieces and bits of good deeds rather than negative things. So one should try to be positive and leave a happy and helping life.

    always confident

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    What a great philosophical thread from Ms. Joyshree! Very apt observation. I only think that we come to this world with clean slate and after leaving this world, the personal slate would again be clean. During our journey, we script bits and pieces . But these would be very important for the living beings. These bits and pieces would decide whether we will be remembered after our demise, or not. If yes, then, for how long?
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