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    A good motivational book which I have recently read

    Recently I have read a really good book titled 'How a Good Person Become a Successful Winner' written by Shashikant Sadaiv. The book analyses and explains the reasons behind the contradiction (good nature and success) in details. The book introduces the readers to new possibilities and novel strategies for guiding their positive efforts towards success. The author has opined that it is extremely important to channelize our energy positively and in the right direction. This is necessary to achieve success.

    The price of the paperback edition of the book is within our range (Rs. 150/-). I recommend this book to the Members of ISC.

    [Disclaimer: The author or the Publisher is not known to me.]
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    It is good you have mentioned about the book you have read. I will try to get one and read.

    The opinion of the is what I sincerely believe. Always one should be positive of all things and direct their energies towards achieving success in that direction only. Positive thoughts, positive attitude always realize success in our life.

    always confident

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    Thanks for mentioning a good book called 'How a Good Person Become a Successful Winner' written by Shashikant Sadaiv and it seems to be interesting. But when we go searching for this book, surely we come across many such motivational books. The other day when I was in Koti area where in the books stalls are scattered on the foot path and some good motivational books are also sold. One gets baffled with so many mind blowing books are available at throw away prices. These books are sold to the vendors in Kgs and they will sell at affordable price and thus books lovers swarm here.
    K Mohan
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    Mr. Mohan: Your response reminded me an old Bengali saying. I am trying to translate it: "The liquor-seller sells liquor to have milk; The milkman-drunkard sells milk to have liquor."

    I would like to state that I still have a habit to purhase old books from Dariyaganj and Ber Sarai markets of Delhi and from College Street and Gariahat markets of Kolkata. I purhased many valuable books (for me) from these markets at throwaway price.

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    I'll make sure that I read it. Thank you. I love reading, but I haven't read many though due to lack of time.
    But make sure you read "The Count of Monte Cristo". It's thrilling and amazing. Every chapter, every character, every location and every dialogue is unique. It's the best book I've ever read.

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    Mr. Aditya Mohan: The book which I have mentioned and the book which you have mentioned belong to different genre. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas has become a classic. I read it during my school days.
    Non-violence is the greatest Dharma; So too is all righteous violence.

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    The last book which I read was "The secrete", it was interesting book which I could be able to complete. I too buy old books if it happened to catch my eyes. Mostly I look for sports book or if the subject interested to me I bought any other books too. Motivational books are what one get or learn from their life experience, so that other should not make the same mistakes and learn from it. It is interesting to read different author's thought.

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