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    Why are seven sisters so unfamiliar?

    Here , I want to discuss about the 7 northern east states of India that are also known as 7 sisters namely- Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. When we are told about any other region except mentioned above, we find that a bit familiar but except Shillong and Guwahati, if we are told about these region it seems like foreign to us . Don't you think so?Why is it the case, in my eyes our books have very less description about these states that has resulted unawareness of the same. What is your opinion?
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    Yes elsewhere in this forum I have time and again mentioned the same that except for some accident, natural fury or floods , we are not getting any news about the seven sisters of NE region namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura. For this I would blame the media as they never venture beyond Kolkatta for coverage and thus we are denied about any information. Even our Ministers, PM and President wont go there and thus they feel like neglected. Our President must have a so-journ home in NE region so that that areas will also get developed on par.
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    The reason is - These seven sisters hardly come into lime light through the media. Truely speaking, I feel that these seven sisterly states are like foreign states to me. Also when we see the people of North East in the southern states, we feel them as Chinese or Burmese by their look dress and language. We do not know what is happening in the hills. They also behave like foreigners. They speak good English than Hindi.They don't mingle with the people of other states. They remain aloof.
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    I will give detailed reply later. But the main reason why the seven sisterly states remain isolated is the connectivity problem. Due to lack of transit facility through Bangladesh, many Indians are not fortunate enough to enjoy the pristine beauty of nature in these seven states and extremely rich culture of north-eastern people.
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    I want to know from the author and other members residing in NE regions, is there any train facility to connect all the seven states ? If not why the Central government and Railways are not exploring the possibilities ? If there are certain scant routes, connectivity must be made forth with.
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    Government is always concerned about votes, more the people more the votes. First of all population density in seven sisters is very less. So government finds it unappealing to be bold. And then there are nature's issues. Communication and remoteness are major too.
    But seven sisters aren't the only ones suffering "alienation" . Sikkim, Dehradun and Himachal are too suffering the same fate. They are tourist destinations and I'm aware of it. But just being popular, doesn't mean you are on good terms right?
    Media too, rarely recognizes the seven sisters.

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    North east part of India is one of the beautiful place naturally. As Partha said it is due to connectivity, the part is unknown to some of the people. I would not say it is unfamiliar because it depend on people to people. Since, I have business work with north east part, Its not unfamiliar for me but, certainly for those people who hardly get connected to this part of India. Its not easy either to travel those remote area. I have my few friend from Manipur and Guwahati and deal with people from Nagaland too. So, I am getting connected with north east part. Yes, So far I have not visited any one of place in north east but in near future I am planning to visit to enjoy the beautiful nature.

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    If we observe the map of India very carefully, we would be able to notice a narrow strip which joins the rest of India with the north-eastern states. This narrow strip is known as chicken's neck in military terminoilogy. This area passes through West Bengal's Jalpaiguri and Alipurduar districts. China, Nepal anbd Bhutan are located at the norther part of this chicken's neck and Bangladesh is located at the souther part. This narrow strip is the main reason for poor connectivity with the north-eastern states. India has sought transit facility through Bangladesh (both road and rail) for connecting north-east with West Bengal and other parts of India. However, Bangladesh is dilly-dallying and trying to extract maximum benefit before giving transit facility.

    I have been fortunate enough to vist north-eastern states many a time. The nature and people of these beautiful states simply make me spell-bound.

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    The thread has raised a very sad but subtle issue which has haunted the minds of many who have stayed in NE region for a tenure during their service time.

    There are many reasons for this apparent isolation but primarily it is due to poor logistics and lack of industrial growth in that region.

    The situation is not as bad as in past as many good educational institutes have started functioning in the area and people are getting much more exposure to national activities.

    Media coverage is also an issue where lot of action is required to be done.

    Industrial growth and I T parks are two activities which have a good potential of generating employment in a locality. Unfortunately these are not substantially present there.

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    The State Government and so called UG are responsible. Don't blame Central. Ask your State Government. Even our Nagaland State has good transport and communication like railways in Dimapur, and Chopper in Tuensang. Apart from this, these seven sisters people are running hand to mouth. The tax we pay to (not to Government) UG even if we open a new shop or start a new business is frustrating. Recently, We planned to set-up a small a Cardamom mini factory and mill but the demand of bribe, tax from four parties along with many outstanding expenditure has shifted our plan.

    Today, I assure you' as long as UG exist these states will remain backward and underdeveloped.

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