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    Misuse of content by member through duplicate posting

    I have posted question in AE section though I posted it as anonymous. I can see that I posted it. Similar posting someone has posted right after an hour. Thank god creators of ISC they have timestamp in posting. MY AE post is much earlier than his/her. I would like to know who has copied my Question and reposted as anonymous. Might possible he reposted other members content as well. What action ISC has taken on such members?
    My question - 28 Apr 2017 01:13

    Duplicate - 28 Apr 2017 02:58

    Attachment is not allowed in forum but I can send Editors screenshots of postings with datetime.
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    I think and it is highly likely that your question got posted twice. The Anonymous is no one else but you. It has happened to me in the past. If you look at the responses you'll notice that they too are identical. No one in ISC has copied your content.

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    An alert editor brought it to our attention right away. Note that it was decided to allow the second one even though you posted yours first because two detailed answers had come in for that thread and only one short one for yours. We did not want the detailed answers to get deleted and hence approved that AE thread. We have done the needful in contacting the member and informing about the site's rules of copied content.

    [Update - your thread is not showing as deleted due to an error message, so we will lock it for further responses]

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    I made an error, copied the same link twice, which resulted in the same link opening twice. My above response may be ignored.
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    Make sense but duplicate postings also should show profile like it is shows for original. I did not get alerts at all for the duplicate one. This has not had happened before. If you try reposting same page , even if it is duplicate it shows under your profile questions. Who gets credits of posting
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    You did not post it twice, another member posted it. We know who it is and, as I said, the needful has been done about warning the member about copied content. Also, as I mentioned, there was some technical problem due to which your post did not get deleted and thereby the message put that there was a duplicate did not show either. Due to the second one being accepted, the post appears under that member's name at that member's profile page.

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    This is totally illegal. You are allowing to post someone my content just for the sake that people already posted their replies. For few points of members you are putting ethics of trustworthiness of ISC on stake. Tomorrow if I do same I am only going to get warning? So let all members should do it to gain points.

    I don't want to get into in deep. What is my gain being faithful and putting my questions in AE? Can I really trust anymore posting my content? Every member spend lot time to post questions and comments. I would like webmaster to reply this issue.

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    On top of this you attempt to delete my question rather than other member. Ideally you should have allowed mine and removed or locked down his/her. What sort of decision it is? We all know that there is no reason given for AE deletion , thank to design of ISC or that technical issue my question did not get delete.

    It is not question of my post , it is question of who is right and who is wrong. My posting is authentic and posted much earlier than that member. It is pity that members have to fight for rights.

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    You are right and what you say does make sense. I do think we erred there. We are dealing with it. Your trust in ISC will remain firm.

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    I have also posted one of my threads and articles two times by mistake and lack of complete knowledge of technicalities of posting. It is not intentional l. Today also it happened to me to post two times in a thread. It is again a mistake of mine. Once posted I am not able to delete. I request editors to excuse me for that. The posts are on my name only. not anonymous.
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    Dr.Srinivasa Rao
    When there is a duplicate posting by you by mistaking in forum responses, use the edit button in your duplicate response, delete the content, just mention 'deleted the duplicate post' and resubmit the same. That's it. In case of duplicate thread also you can do so and when editors come across such duplicate posts they will delete those duplicate posts.

    But be sure not to delete the original posts too.

    Hope you got it.

    Thanks & Regards

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    I had also noticed duplicate thread and gave response to delete any one since I thought that it was submitted twice by mistake. But did not get any response in the thread by any member or any editor.
    same thing is also happened in forum section a thread was generated by Mr. Umesh twice. I had also mentioned it in the thread to delete any one but not responded from any editor.

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    When you see a duplicate AE thread, you should not post an answer on that page to point it out. Instead, raise a forum thread so that the forum editors will see it & bring it to the notice of the AE editors. In the case of a forum thread being duplicate, you could send a message to Lead Editor Saji Ganesh. He will do the needful.

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    Your thread has been restored and the copied one deleted. I have informed the members - Vekiteswaran, Ank Arya and Sheo Shankar Jha - individually, requesting them to post their answers in your thread (sorry for the inconvenience caused to them.) Umesh's response is already there in your thread.

    My sincere apologies for doing the wrong thing. It won't happen again.

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    I saw your message and this post and have complied as needed.
    I take this in the right spirit.
    It is good that the alert author could bring the matter to the notice of all on time. I had thought it just as a mistaken duplication only. But the various discussion in this thread only revealed that it was a deliberate copying. I am surprised why people resort to such cheap tactics. It is not expected of ISC members at least.

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    I am happy that you have revisited and rectified your decision. Such members who copy content intentionally and repost it should be suspended or even blocked in ISC. I feel relieved now for your action taken. Thank you very much.

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    Once, I posted Answers in AE section twice since my response was not submitted after hitting the "Submit" button. I wasn't awarded Cash Credits for that.

    @Avi, I can understand your anxiety and inconviniences. Plagiarism is really embarrasing. Atleast, members must know that copying other contents and posting it as your own content without the express authorisation from the author is below dignity. And, I'm stunned... Why the member has copied and reposted the same. If the person wants to know the answer then he/she should have read the resposes answered by the Expert Advice.

    Not only this. Just recently, I posted and answer in duplicate post. After awarding CC and Points it got deleted by AE Editor and my CC and points got deducted. I didn't raised a thread. And it happens to me many times.

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