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    Mission blue - keeps me conscious of my water usage.

    The other day while I was watching TV I saw an advertisement. It's Farhan Aktar asking us to join Mission blue, a mission to save water. Because of my obsession with water (I feel lively when I am around a water body) I checked the website and calculated my 'water foot print', luckily my water consumption is minimal. After that I took the pledge and then I watched the short films. They are very touching and excellent. After that I went out to the market. On my way there was a little traffic jam and while moving slowly there came a place where I was to keep my foot down, into the dirty water accumulated due to rain. I hesitated to step in it even with my footwear on, then what about those people who are made to drink such water while many of us are wasting water uselessly whether it's coincidence or what ever it rained on that day and every drop of water I saw seemed like drop of elixir. I thought such things will happen only in movies but on that day I saw life in every drop of water. It's rightly said by C.V. Raman that 'water is the amrita (elixir) available to man very easily but we waste it'. I didn't think that the pledge taking would work, but for my surprise I did work. When ever I am using water I am becoming conscious of the amount I am using and watching carefully not to waste. I suggest each and every ISCian to calculate your water usage to know how much water you are wasting and to how many people you can provide water if you stop wasting.
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    In fact, we are not wasting water. The water we call it as a waste gets recircled. The rain water doesn't go as a waste. It is absorbed by the earth to get back the water through the well and by sun to facilitate rain. The water we waste domestically in the kitchen, bathroom and elsewhere also get into the earth or absorbed by the sun for rain.

    What we face is the acute shortage of drinking water. The available water is polluted. Hence we pay and get mineral water in cans and bottles.

    No life without Sun

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    You are right Mr. Sun, but its not about recycling or rejuvenation its all about availability. If you save one bucket water today the same bucket of water will be useful to someone else on that day itself. But if it goes into earth it takes days or even years to be available to us. In the mean some one may die due to lack of water near to them. It takes years for the underground water table to replenish and become available for human consumption. Its not like we empty a bottle of water and refill it immediately. So every drop is important, and with all the plastic that we throw out we are creating a block between water and the earth so it takes even longer than it does in the past.
    Carpe Diem

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    Saving water is utmost important for all of us. Minimizing the usage of water helps us to save water. Being cautious when we are using water, saves water. Following simple acts such as closing the tap after using or when not in use, fixing faulty water pipes and taps, taking water in glass only that is required for drinking not filling it fully and throwing way the rest, watering the plants with water that is used for washing vegetables, not running the water while brushing the teeth, using rain water for cleaning purposes, etc.

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    For that matter we need not want a celebrity to create a awareness on how to conserve water and how to use it with caution without wasting it. The other day I was watching a news video where in a village in Telangana there is only one public well and all the villagers are heavily dependent on that well and mind it the well is unprotected , not having steps to go down and the water is beneath so many feet inside and thus youth of that village gather there daily to help the women folks to fetch the water by lifting the vessels one after another and passing and mind it all are standing precariously without any support and the way the water is fetched is really life experience and risk to life too. Those who waste water should see this video and then they would try to use it with care and for the use of future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Before thinking of saving of water, let us think about polluting the water. In most of the places, the river water is pumped and distributed to the nearby cities and towns and villages. The river water gets polluted due to discharge of industrial wastes into the river. Hence we are unable to use the river water directly. There were days when my mother used to go to the river to bath and bring back drinking water to home. These days, we are hesitating to look at the rivers flowing in our country. And the country has no much storage facilities to store the over flowing river water during the monsoon season. If the authorities can stop the river water getting into the sea, it would be of great help to the citizens of this country. An individual may not waste water, but the country wastes lot of water by which the irrigation of land suffers. Generally we do not waste drinking water as its availability is limited. We waste lot of waters drawn from the bore well which is hard water.

    Water management is in the hands of Lord Indira and Varuna who should be merciful to the people living on this good earth. We should find some means and methods to convert sea water into fresh drinking water. That should be the chief aim of Mission Blue.

    No life without Sun

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    Well sid. Wasting water is not advisable. As Mr.Sun told it may be recycled. But at that moment people may not have sufficient water. So one should be conscious of water usage. People are having a bad habit of opening the tap fully. So water will get wasted. Open a part and see that minimum water is only coming out. Wasting water is wasting electricity also, as we use pumps to pump water to overhead tanks. If we are wasting water means we are wasting water as well as electricity also. So we should be very conscious about water consumption.
    Another problem is water pollution. The state of water in Balanagar, Hyderabad is very bad. We can't even use them for domestic use. the reasons are best known to all of us. Chemical industries leaving pollutants out without treatment. No government officer or government will bother as they have their own interests.

    One solution to overcome water shortage is linking of rivers. A dream project of Mr.Atal, our Ex.PM. If it materialises India will have abundant water.

    Take the pledge. Don't waste the water.

    always confident

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    Water is an essential item for our day to day life. Today groundwater level is going down day by day. Many places the water stored in huge reservoirs and dams is not sufficient for the whole year till rains replenish it.

    Good quality drinking water for all is a challenge for developing countries. Water is required for all the activities but it is not abundant as such. In such an scenario it is our duty to use water sparingly and strictly avoid its wastage or misuses because it is a precious commodity.

    Mass awareness is required for water conservation and avoiding wastage of water in homes as well as public places.

    We must remember and understand that if we do not save water today we will not get it tomorrow.

    Knowledge is power.

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