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    No one can stop a person if he has determination to achieve Success

    No one can stop a person if he has determination and will power to achieve his/her goals. Some people have achieved success by performing extraordinary acts. Few people have achieved their fame and admiration for their success in spite of their disabilities. One such example is Stephen Hawking. He is the renowned British theoretical physicist whose scientific careers spans over 40 years. At the age of 21 he lost the use of his limbs and voice. He was paralyzed completely. He uses speech generating device for communication. His books and his appearances in the public have made him an academic celebrity. His story is an inspiration to act, to achieve the goals.
    There are many many people who have achieved success despite their disability. Reading stories of those people is a source of inspiration.
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    The story of Stephen Hawking. is really inspiring and make us believe that even those who are differently able they can do wonders and we with all the body parts in tack try to negate our responsibility to achieve something. Yes determination coupled with total adherence to the task would always make a person to achieve the goal earlier and fast than others. Often those who are performers, they are being disturbed by others on the way to scuttle the possible win, but not caring those hurdles , the performer sees a definite goal inside his mind and thus achieves the success sooner than expected. And what is more important that achieving success may be cake walk for every performer but sustaining the same position and not allowing others to reach that goal is also another responsibility to safeguard their own record.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The example of Stephen Hawking in the context is very apt one.

    A real performer is one who is not disappointed with the results of his efforts. He is not discouraged by the hindrances coming in his way rather takes them sportingly.

    There are many people in this world who work persistently to achieve their objective and are not deterred with the hardships. Such people are having tremendous patience and strong will to achieve.

    These people become the hero of their time and their activities become benchmark for others.

    No doubt with strong will and undeterred zeal a person can achieve his goals.

    Knowledge is power.

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    It is true. Nobody can stop us from achieving success if we have the determination to succeed.
    Many people think that the task is difficult and we can't perform. But you can definitely win over it, if you plan properly and work on that whole heartedly.

    In our village I have a friend. He lost his both the legs in an accident. He struggled a lot. Finally he got artificial legs arranged. But he can't fold them. So he got a special type of engine rickshaw made. He stands on that and travels. He contested for sarpanch post and won. He is doing many development works for the village. His determination made him to succeed. Another example is Ms. Sudha chandran. She dances well with her artificial legs. She was the heroine in' Mayuri' a telugu movie.

    always confident

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