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    Be Healthy by Following these simple "Dont's"

    By taking simple precautions we can stay free from sickness and avoid visiting doctors and spending money. Don't use unfiltered water for drinking because contaminated water causes many health problems. Don't walk barefoot on the ground because the soil may contain roundworms larvae which may enter through the soles through cuts or wounds and cause diseases. Don't eat exposed food as dust and flies sit on them and when consumed one becomes sick. Don't burn waste as it produces smoke and particles of carbon that is harmful to health and causes various diseases. Don't keep the dustbins open as they attract insects, rodents, flies and they bring in diseases through various modes. Don't get tempted to eat coloured foods as most of the colours added now-a-days are harmful and may damage many organs of our body. Don't throw plastic bags in water bodies as it is harmful to animal life and for humans too. These are known facts, yet we need to keep reminding ourselves to follow these simple 'dont's to be healthy.
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    While I do agree with the author on many tips given for being healthy with some simple donts, what I feel that walking barefoot is recommended even in olden days and in fact our body should touch the soil every day as we are born out of mud. Even when you go to a hospital or operation theater, those having foot wear is not allowed inside. Even in some computer rooms bare foot is only allowed. What does it mean ?. That by wearing foot wear we actually bring germs from outside in to the hospital or other restricted places. I am against those who wear slippers inside the house even going to Kitchen.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mr Mohan your are right , even I don't prefer wearing slippers inside the house. It's better not to go bare foot on the ground I mean here the fields/vegetation areas.

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    All these 'Donts' advice are really useful. However, I find the following advice "Don't keep the dustbins open as they attract insects, rodents, flies and they bring in diseases through various modes" most relevant. If we properly cover our dustbins, it would chek many diseases. But at the same time, I am also thinking that if the mohalla dustbins of giant size are not leared everyday, these would cause various diseases in the locality. In Delhi, nowadays we are observing suh unhealthy trends. Due to tussle between MCD administration and State Govt. administration in Delhi, the leaning people are getting salary irregularly, and, as a result, the mohalla dust vats are not being cleaned everyday, causing various diseases.
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    When you visit Tank Bund area in the morning, you can see morning walkers preferring to walk bare foot and especially on the green grass so that they should have the feel of the soil.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Mohan has made two points that contradict his theory –
    1. No shoes allowed inside operation theatres
    2. No footwear allowed inside computer rooms

    The reason footwear is not allowed inside these places is to keep the environment sterile. Footwear carries germs. The shoes we wear come in contact with deadly germs and viruses and harmful bacteria and of course the dirt and the filth. The same happens when you walk barefoot. With no protection, the feet become susceptible to attacks by harmful organisms. There cannot be different principles applicable.

    "That by wearing footwear we actually bring germs from outside into the hospital or other restricted places." Is the same logic not applicable to walking barefoot?

    Soil and grass are two very different things. Walking on grass and feeling the soil might not be possible unless it is patchy grass.

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    I feel walking barefoot is not correct outside the house. Especially on the ground is not advisable.

    Good tips were given. If we follow them our health will always be good.

    Another point I want to add is keep changing the bed sheets and pillow covers as frequently as possible. Don't reuse the bed sheets used by somebody else without washing properly.
    Better avoid keeping food items in refrigerator for long and consume. Don't drink very cold or very hot water.

    always confident

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