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    No more bumby rides. Annoyed over so many pathholes , KCR order officials to perform or perish

    We all know that after KCR taken over as CM of Telangana , the main project he has taken over was the drinking water and drainage system in most of the places and Capital Hyderabad. Naturally all the roads are dug up for laying big pipe lines and they have been partially filled and left over. Unhappy over the working style of some contractors, the CM has pulled the officials of GHMC that they would be held responsible if any path hole is not filled as rainy seasons are going to hit city by this month end. Even though so many images do appear in print media, the officials are lethargic and at least we can see some hectic activities from now onward.
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    Patchwork on roads does not help. One of the arterial road leading to my housing complex suffers from a perennial problem of potholes. The potholes are filled periodically, but within a few months, the state of the road goes back to the same. The potholes were recently filled with concrete, but as it settled it shrank a bit. The use of different materials creates more problems as they contract and expand at different temperatures, resulting in cracks on the road, which over a period of time become into larger potholes.

    Roads should be relaid for them to last longer. Some localities in my city have concrete roads. They tend to last longer and serve better compared to blue metal and tar roads. Taxpayers money should be used to service the taxpayers. Better quality roads should be a priority, it is part of the basic infrastructure a city needs.

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    To ensure that the roads are roadworthy, the contractors should not be paid for their job. The government should withhold 50 percent of the sanctioned amount , and should be paid only after an year if the work done by the contractor is 100 percent satisfactory after its use for one year. This will ensure that the roads are perfect and fit.

    However, in our corrupt country, the contractors and government staff work together for the common citizen to suffer.

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    Once upon a time the roads in Hyderabad were very good. Very nice roads and going on those roads was a pleasure. But now many roads are got completely damaged. Many roads have many path holes. Nobody is taking them seriously. Some crores of money had been spent by GHMC. Money had been swollen by contractors and others. Traffic increased tremendously.
    Simply by filling the path holes roads will not become good. Proper roads are to be relaid. Otherwise only money will be spent and no use. As suggested by Mr.Sun, it better not to pay full amount to contactors. But it will not happen as the others will not get their part unless otherwise total money is released.
    No use giving a warning to officers. Money is to be sanctioned and see that it will be properly utilised.

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    What I suggest those department which dig, must maintain status quo of roads ie must ensure same situation of road before digging and thus all the roads wont be affected that much.
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