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    Life is a garland. Why to make it into bits and pieces.

    Life is a gift given by God. It is like a garland of various flowers. Some are beautiful, some are very beautiful, some are having very good fragrance, some are for decoration. But all are flowers only. Let us make a garland with these flowers and put it to God. The flowers created by God reached back the God. Don't divide the garland separately good, very good, fragrance and decorative. All are created by god and again all will reach Him back. The garland is having all types of flowers. Don't make it into bits and pieces.

    Similarly this life is also a garland of various experiences. There are no bad and good experiences. All are good only. In an accident if we broke our leg,it is also good. God has saved us with a minor damage. Otherwise we might have lost our life. We should develop a positive thinking and enjoy the life. Don't classify them as good and bad. Don't make it into bits and pieces. Enjoy your life. Make your life a good garland and give it back to the Creator, The God.

    This is for Tow contest.
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    Your idea of life is nicely put. You also showed the tenderness and temporariness of life by comparing it with flowers.

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    I would say that your comparison of garland with life and the bits and pieces of the flowers is good, but not that good to appreciate. Garlands are made with bits and pieces of varieties of flowers from here and there. It is a mixture of flowers. Does the so called garland remain together forever. No. After few hours, the garland becomes bits and pieces and goes to the dust bin.

    According to my understanding, life should not be like a garland. It should be like a golden chain made with bits and pieces of gold that remains forever. It has its own value unlike the temporary garland. Look at the wedlock gold chain worn by a lady that remains on her neck until her death or her hubby's death whichever is earlier.

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    Mr.Sun, Thank you for your appreciation. Why I compared the life with garland? My explanation is, we are mortal. Flowers are there for a day. We may be here for a few more years. We will also go back.

    You can also compare life with gold. But I don't like it because gold is gold only. No varieties in it. Whatever chains you are making will not give any special property to chain except shape. In flowers shape as well as qualities also change. So I feel comparing life with flowers rather than gold is more apt.

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    Mr. Rao,
    In that case, you can compare a garland which are made of natural items like gold, Pearl, coral,ivory, ruby, emerald, topaz, Chandan(Sandal),basil seeds, Rutraksha seeds and the precious jewels which remain attractive and valuable forever. And add some perfume to it for fragrance if required.This really makes a garland with bits and pieces. Life is not like flowers. A flower doesn't do anything except feeding the honeybees to suck the nectar from the flowers. The items that I quoted gives good effect to our body and mind. Give a second thought to your first thought.

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    Again thank you for your suggestion. All the items you mentioned are non perishable. But life is perishable like flowers. So I still feel my comparison is more apt. However always the articles will gives the thoughts of the author . Whether to accept or not to accept is reader's choice. A flower is giving fragrance and beauty to the world. Similarly if a human being making the atmosphere around him good and beautiful, nothing more than that we want.

    always confident

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    Very nice introspection by the author and the title itself floored me so much that this entry is going to win the award for sure as I am impressed and so the deciding editor.
    K Mohan
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    Life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. A person can spread positiveness and happiness around him like a flower that spreads its fragrance around it. The world would be so beautiful if everybody thinks and acts like flowers to spread peace and joy around them. This would make our place a better place to live happily, devoid of all violence, conflicts, ego's etc.

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    My peculiar thought . Life is made of bits and pieces only. We are alone when we come out of the womb. When we grow up, we are attached a piece called wife into our life, then we deliver some pieces called son and daughter. Thereafter we attach another bit or piece called son-in-law or daughter-in law. Then comes the remaining pieces grand son and grand daughters. Thereafter we miss out from our life leaving the bits and pieces which are expected to vanish after a while. So life is of bits and pieces with kith and kin.
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    Excellent comparison.Life is a garland of mixed with happiness, sorrow, separation, jokes, criticisms, love, affection,etc., if we separate any one there is no reality. But without any one the garland is not existing and one fragrant flower is compensating the other non fragrant flower. Similarly one sorrow is vanished or hidden by another happiness. separating one thing is not good from a garland.

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