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    Do you know - Indian National Anthem is the best anthem in this world?

    Do you know that our Indian National Anthem is the best anthem in this world? Yes it is. As declared by UNESCO, it is the Number one National anthem. No doubt, No other national anthem can be superior to Indian National Anthem. Its meaning is great. The entire anthem covers the whole of India by its states, rivers and ocean with praising words. The first sentence Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jayahe is great in saying - Jana(People) Gana(Group) Mana(Mind) Adhinayaka(Leader) Jayahe(Victory) and so on the entire Anthem. We should feel proud of the author of our National anthem, the great Rabindranath Tagore who has given life and soul to our national anthem. Let us be proud.

    Why not you share few words about our National Anthem.
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    I came to know that it was a hoax which had gone viral on social media including WhatsApp and FB an year or two year, back.
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    Do you know that the UNESCO does not judge things that are of national pride to individual nations? As an Indian, I take immense pride in my National Anthem. I am certain people of all other nationalities take pride in their anthems. There can be no competition between nations on who has the best anthem or the flag or the best passport.

    When will people stop falling for such hoaxes?

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    A National Anthem or National Flag belong to the people of that country. And, every people take pride on it. As an Indian I too love and take pride on my National Anthem or Flag but it does not mean other country have any lesser feeling for their country. We should respect others too instead of creating differences.

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    One or two years back this had come in facebook. Immediately somebody commented on that UNESCO will not have any programme like this. They never declare best Anthem. Nowadays this kind of created postings are increasing in social media. we don't know whether to believe or not.
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    Exactly! Moreover our national anthem is in Bengali , so to think that UNESCO will decode our national anthem and then goes further calling it the "best national anthem" seems really unrealistic.
    What's your favorite national anthem?
    You see I'm not trying to demean Indian national anthem or anything, but don't you think Rabindranath Tagore just listed out line-wise what we have here? It sure does sound good, but I don't feel the impact from the lyrics.
    I think a national anthem should portray it's citizens' will. Their wishes and their greatness. Because a country isn't a piece of land but a cluster of people.

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    For each and everything there is always the best thing among those things. This thread is based on that thing. Every citizen feel proud of their own national anthem. No doubt, we too feel our national anthem is the great. But when we compare the composition of the national anthem, Indian National anthem seems to be the best among the world national anthems, when it is decoded from the language and understood. For e.g. We call USA is the number one best country among the world countries. Does it affect the feelings of other country men? Same is the case here. Though it could be a hoax, it is the reality.

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    Since this thread is based on a hoax, it is being closed.
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