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    Do not use ISC as a platform to spread fake news

    Members are requested not to post threads which state "As declared by UNESCO" based on what they read on social media platforms. On more than one occasion this has happened in our forum. You are needlessly spreading false information in the name of a prestigious international organization. Simply because your best friend or a relative sent you a message on WhatsApp or you came across it on Facebook does not authenticate it.

    Whether it is UNESCO, our Central Government or even any reputed national or international educational institute - don't start a discussion in our forum just because of the name / organization associated with the news. Verify it thoroughly.

    Be more responsible please in what you are posting in our forum. It should not be the case that ISC soon becomes the centre of making fake news viral.
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    What I feel is - It is good to post such messages here at ISC and prove it to the readers as a hoax message.. Also, at times, such hoax messages are genuine messages that you and I or we may not know it. It is better to discuss it out and come to a conclusion. I sincerely feel that the word UNESCO or authorities should not be used in our communication to make it a real discussion. Hope you will agree with me.

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    I'm inclined to agree with the author. A couple of days back, I also posted a caution about how unprofessional social media journalism can ruin our society. These kind of senseless writing and spreading rumours news are indeed very disturbing.
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    What I feel that any thing that appears in the interest of public must be shared here for larger information of our members and get alert over it. There should be nothing wrong and the author so revealing can mention a caution by line that the content may be taken as wished by the reader. There is not hard and fast rule to accept and follow what every mentioned at ISC and in fact in internet. But for knowledge purpose we must know what is happening around the world concerning India and concerning our health aspect. But members must weigh the information before sharing the same in this site.
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    A discussion of a hoax message is of course fine, but the problem is that the members don't bother to mention that it is a news they have taken from so-and-so social media platform. Nor do they ask whether members would know if the news is genuine or not. Instead, it is announced in a kind of grandstanding way, as though it is some wonderful discovery & something authentic!
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    What is this? In ISC Forum, a post should be very attrative with its title to draw the attention of the netizen. Also, the information. What is important is- we should discuss it out rather than guessing and omitting it out. Anything posted in the media is an information to all. The fact should found by analysing it through discussion. The source of the information is not important at all.

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    As per my observation, ISC is more of an educational and academic type of platform for encouraging creative writing, academic answers, logical group discussions and knowledge sharing.

    There is no place here for fake news, rumours etc. In fact as a caution we must confirm the source of our information as well as it's validity before posting it here.

    We have to take care in posting information in ISC if we want to make it an academically coveted place.

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    Dear Members,
    Yes. it is true. As we are the responsible citizens of India, We have to post valuable and good content to the ISC. Because, ISC is an effective social blog which deliveries many useful information to the people and students community. So, The members of ISC should avoid posting fake news and contents in this website.

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    I second you Vandana. Without authorized consent posting nonsense just for sake of visit does not make sense. I have seen lot of posting which simple work of copy paste. I remember to escalate about my school wrong posting. Anyways appreciate you are making clear to members not to post anything related to government if not authentic.
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    Thank You Vandana Mam,
    for your post. It will be very bad if anybody posts fake news to bring the audience to his post. As it is an educational and job site so accuracy of the news is needed. So, any news which is true is appreciable in this site.

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