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    Have you heard about 'Red List'?

    Most of us have heard the term 'Blacklist'. In Government Offices, we blacklist those companies which do not follow the agreed terms & conditions of contract signed with the Government. In private sector also, the term is well-known. But in this thread, I am going to discuss 'Red List'.

    The phrase 'Red List' is related to endangered plants and animals. International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species is the most detailed directory on the conservation status of plants and animals in the world. It is also called the 'Red Data Book', and was introduced for the first time in 1964. The Red List is prepared on the basis of an assessment system which uses various pre-determined criteria to understand the risks to a given species. The criteria include the rate of population decline, geographical range, the surviving population size, etc.

    In every five years, scientists check the conservation status. The Red List is accordingly updated with new data. This Red List has been playing a very important role to guide the systematic conservation efforts of plants and animals.
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    Great information provided by the author referring to red list which is new to me and every one and through which it is mentioned that the researchers and scientists would time and again update the data on how to conserve plants and animals which are getting extinct. I want to know whether the organization which is manning this project and list is fanning out every nook and corner of the world to keep the tab on what is missing , what is expanding and what is growing in plants and animal kingdom. Surely such data are required to maintain ecological balance too.
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    I read what is a Red list. An updated information to update our knowledge about the unknown Red list. An educative and informative thread from Partha.
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