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    Are you 'O'? Don't worry. You are very safe with your heart.

    What are you? Are you 'O'? If yes, You are safe without any risk . People belong to O blood group are said to have no risk of heart related problems. People with A, B and AB group are prone to heart diseases. This is what the researchers have found.

    Members, I am O + and happy to be safe without any heart ailment. What is your blood group? Don't worry if you are A or B or AB. It is only a research result. It could be a false research.
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    Wow I am also O positive and that gave me great relief after reading this post. But what I feel that hear attack cannot be connected with the blood group but with the nature of the work, the stress and the weak heart of the person not trained to handle some shocking news in the life. Even the blood groups of O positive persons were vulnerable to heart attack , if they have the heriditory passing of the same disease to the others in the family. Nevertheless the findings seems to bring smiles on the faces of O positive group people who can heave a sigh of relief after reading this post.
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    Good research with bad result for me, as mine is A positive. Anyways, its just a research and more even its based on the food and life style that creates such results and hoping such research are done different environment than the natural ones. I am strong believer of what has to happen will happen at any means. This good post with the research results.
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    I am a O positive blood group. Though the news you shared is a sigh of relief I doubt if o group people have no heart ailment or will not have any. It depends on a person's life style, food and other healthy routine. One must stay fit and excerise regularly and follow a healthy diet to avoid any ailment.

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    Mr. Sun: What is the meaning of this thread? I simply haven't understood. We don't have to worry about heart problem if the blood group is A+, B+, AB+ or O+. Then when should we worry? Is there any proven co-relation between blood-group or Rh-factor with heart problem? Could you please provide the link?
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    There is nothing to link. It is a research news from Netherland scientists. I have said only the blood group O and other blood groups A B and AB. I never said about the RH factor.

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    I am also O positive. Nice to here that I am also safe from heart problem. Though I don't how authentic this research but great new for me. Thanks Mr. Sun for sharing.
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    My blood group is B+. Heart attack may come for many reasons. Your food habits, your way of life, your strain and stress, etc.

    May be some relation with blood group also. I know a person who is O+ and he died with a heart attack.

    So nothing is 100% true.

    always confident

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    When talking about a research study on which you have based a health issue, it would be better to mention the source. In fact, I feel that it is best to avoid raising such threads altogether since it is not exactly something beneficial.

    I don't think people bother too much about this type of research. Never mind what is my blood group, right now at this very moment, my heart may pack in due to some ISC-related stress!!! My blood group is not going to protect me from any other specific health issue either.

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    Why to hide? Here is the information . Source - Times Trends of Times of India 2nd May 2017 Tuesday. (Bengaluru Edition) Page 13 under the column SHORT CUTS
    "Heart attack risk greater if your blood group is not O
    People with a blood group other than 'O', namely A, B or AB may be at an increased risk of suffering a heart attack, new research has found. "We demonstrate that having a non-O blood group is associated with a 9% increased risk of coronary events and a 9% increased risk of cardiovascular events, especially myocardial infarction," said researcher Tessa Kole of the University Medical Centre Groningen in the Netherlands."

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    I am O+ve. What makes me feel good is not the result of research but the fact that I am a Universal donor. I can donate blood to most people. And O positive is most common group so we can be of help to many in emergencies.
    Carpe Diem

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