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    Payment related query

    As I am new to this site, can any body specify me about the payout limits per month? I did not find my name in this list. Is Revenue share bonus available for each month? I have joined this site for few months only. Can anybody tell me when I can apply for AdSense account?
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    We can understand about your doubts on payments from this site. For a new member the first minimum threshold to be achieved is rupees three hundred for which payment is eligible to be paid through bank account upon filling up necessary invoice being given at the time payment instructions every month. Revenue share bonus is certainly available and it open to only top 20 members who have excelled in every month with their over all contributions. And as regards to Google adsense you have to complete the level of gold member, write good articles and prove your ability in other sections with over all performance.
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    Generally the payout limit for this site is Rs. 1000 but admin issues first payout at Rs. 300-400. You have received your first payout last month of Rs.400. In this month your balance is lower than rs. 1000 so your name is not in the list of payment.
    Revenue Share Bonus is announced for top 20 members who contribute more in this site excluding reward and prize points.
    For Google Adsense approval you must complete any five criteria out of 6:

    • update Profile detail with address
    • you must have 10 valid articles
    • Gold level membership
    • Receive at least one prize
    • Member should be active since 6 months
    • Updated and verified profile photo

    If you meet any five of above, you can apply for google adsense.

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    Anosua, could you please check out this link and let us know if your problem is still persisting?

    Members are requested to be careful while responding to threads of this nature.

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    Editor Mr. Saji,
    It is only a query raised by the author, not any problem faced by her. Your response to Anosua is confusing. Can you explain what is the persisting problem that the member is facing? And what is the link you have directed? I think you must be requested to be careful while responding the threads of this nature.

    The first payout to a new member is Rs. 300/- Subsequent payout is Rs. 600/-(subject to change to higher figure depending upon the availability of funds). RSB is announced regularly at the end of the month. It is awarded to members who score points and remain at top 20 earners. Only gold members are eligible to apply for Google adsense account after meeting certain criteria.

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    Sorry Sai sir, but I thin the link provided by you will not answer the questions raised by author Anosua M. Here Anosua M has some queries and we have to provide answers point wise.
    Pardon me if I am wrong.

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    Mr. Hakimuddin: What you have felt and written is appropriate. You should not have felt sorry for mentioning the fact.
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    The Editor is at fault as he did not understand the thread meaning. You are right and no need to ask a pardon from the erring Editor. You are absolutely right with your good response.

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    I would like to clarify a few things since the basic info has been provided in some of the responses above, but you need to be aware of a few aspects that have not been mentioned.

    1. What is the payout limit per month?
    - As per the correct link given by Editor Saji, it is Rs.1000/-. However, you may receive it if you have reached a lower amount, such as Rs.750/-. It all depends on how much earnings the Webmasters have got from the site. For example, once the site did so well that there were many more members who became eligible for payment, which thrilled everyone no end!

    Conversely, even if you do reach Rs.750/- you may not get the payment if the site's earnings are such that it limits the number of eligible payees.

    2. Is Revenue share bonus available for every month?
    - Yes, it is. You need to be in the top 20 list of contributors as per points. What you have to do is to keep an eye on the Top Performers page. On this page, go to the heading of 'Last 30 days' and then click on the 'More' button at the bottom of the list. Then click on the calendar dates of the month and select 'Exclude points from Awards and Credits' (points from awards and cc are not considered for
    RSB.) This will then show you the exact picture of the top 20 members of the month. Keep in mind that points from articles will be doubled. So let's suppose you are at No.18 in the list. Even then you, and those at No.19 and at No.20, may not be eligible for the RSB if the next few members in the last who come after you all have submitted a good number of articles & hence they garner more points & become eligible for the RSB. So, by keeping a tab on the page of top performers, you can push yourself to compete with the others, contributing more & staying within the top fifteen at least to avoid being eliminated from the final list!

    3. I have joined this site for few months only. Can anybody tell me when I can apply for Adsense account?
    - The eligibility criteria is as mentioned in Hakimuddin's response. Note, though, that we have had once or twice members with contributions for fewer than six months also applying & getting approval. It really depends more on the content you are posting as Google will see the quality and not the quantity. However, just to be on the safe side, better to wait for those six months because the more months your contribute, the more content would be against your name. As and when you do decide to apply, I would suggest that you frist post a forum thread in the category of AdSense Profile Reviews. Others will check out your contributions via your profile page & advise accordingly whether or not the time is ripe to apply.

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    Nice response Vandana Madam. I came to know that resources points are double. Before this response I did not know about that. Thanks for share this knowledge.
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    Your words -" As per the correct link given by Editor Saji, it is Rs.1000/-. However, you may receive it if you have reached a lower amount, such as Rs.750/-."

    ISC never deals with payments in multiples of 50s, but always in 100s only. The subsequent payment is set to minimum Rs. 600/-, and when there is a financial crunch at ISC it may go to 700 or 800 or 900, never 750. So, 750 is an odd number that is not used for payment.

    (ISC could have paid you in multiples of 50s prior to the year 2010, but not for the last seven years)

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    Thank's a lot to every one to resolve my query. These information are really helpful for me and guided me well.

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