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    Now it is become compulsory for every member to read threads before creating new

    Normally members have the habit to raise a thread as soon as it flashes in their mind and thus wont have time to browse through all the posts already appeared in our forum pages. Once we have posted our thread, similar matter already doing rounds in the forum and thus our thread wont get any priority nor viewed , responded by any one. Thus it would be axed in the garb of similar thread already appeared. Therefore it is good to see the forum postings once before raising threads to avoid removing of the same by editors.
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    No problem. It hardly happens. It is not possible to go through all the threads. Whatever comes in our mind, we post it. If it is a repetition, the editors delete it. We should bear it. It affects no one, neither the member nor the editor nor the ISC.
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    Sometimes it may happen. But it will not be intentional. So we need not worry. Editors will take the required action. But repeating same thread with different words can't be explained.

    Of course as said by Mr. Sun, it will not affect anyone even though the editors close the thread.

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