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    Insurance is a subject matter of life on this earth. Have you insured yourself?

    Insurance is essential in our life. Most essentially, Life Insurance is an important subject matter to cover our life. It is one of the best investment for the future safety and security of our family. Did you think about your family's future in the event of any eventuality in your life.

    Have you insured? If yes, why? and if No, why?

    As our motor vehicles need compulsory insurance without which no renewal of registration and payment of tax is possible, Government should ensure compulsory insurance for the individuals while issuing Aadhar Cards, Pan cards, Driving license, Election ID etc.

    Do you agree? What is your good comments against my sincere proposal.
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    Insurance is very important for everybody. The family will get accustomed to a particular type of living. It depends on the earning member's income. Because of any unforeseen incident something happens to the earning member the whole family is in difficulties. To take care of these eventualities everybody should take sufficient insurance cover to his/her life. Amount can be decided basing on the income and other factors.

    Nowadays many private insurance companies also are in the business. Very good policies are announced. It is in our self interest. Government may not be able to do anything in this respect.

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    Yes I am having insurance of life and also insurance for the vehicle. Without which it is not possible to live in peace as our life is at danger and that may hit from any side unmindful of we being alert and vigil.
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    Dr. Rao,
    If government can think of protecting the families by asking the riders and drivers to wear helmets and seat-belts compulsorily, why not they ensure to have insurance for their employees compulsorily. While they can collect PF and pay very low interest, why not collect a sum as insurance and pay the sum assured to the bereaved family in the event of death. I think, Government organisations and private organisations should ensure to have their employees insured as per their salary.

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    There is insurance for the organised sector. Most employers have the Group Insurance Scheme. Most of the employed in organised sector were taking Life Insurance policies, either to save Income Tax or due to the constant canvassing of the LIC agents. In some states the state governments have implemented many welfare schemes for the unorganised sector workers . Kerala is one such state. Of late the major newspaper groups also have schemes of insurance for their readers at a very small premium. Banks have the group insurance schemes for their account holders at concessional premium in tie up with insurance companies.

    As in my youth days, there were not much awareness about insurance etc, and we were buying insurance only because of the marketing and canvassing of insurance agents we just had some insurance. We were not knowing the thumb rules or optimum coverage. Our insurance decision depended on how much premium amount we can comfortable spare from our salary.

    So I had very nominal amount of life insurance, and all that was synchronised to mature at my retirement. So now I have no life insurance policies. New policies are ruled out as I am now beyond the maximum entry age of almost all policies. Any insurance if possible will be a loss as premium will not be affordable with the present income.

    I have to say that insurance is a necessary provision. But it should not be looked upon as investment. As an investment it is loss.

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