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    Business person envies salary class and salaried person envies the business class

    My Kirana store business person always mentions about his other customers that those who are in software Engineering side are always having flexible working hours, and lots of salary they carry every month. On the other hand I have also heard from salaried persons that they want to leave the job and do some business so that they can earn more like a businessman do. I think we cannot compare both. Salaried class have their own importance and paid as per their talent and requirement in the organization and businessman earns according to his intelligent planning and also investing money.
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    Yes. I agree. Both are different. A salaried employee's salary is fixed and his responsibilities are fixed. He has to complete his work to the satisfaction of his boss. As you grow big, your responsibilities increase and you have to perform otherwise you will perish. This is the concept. There are employees with very high salaries and low salaries.But working hours are not flexible. The software employees, they carry their laptop to house. It implies, they are carrying homework to the house. These days are not easy days like earlier days. Competition is increasing.
    Business people will have returns basing on their type of business, the planning and marketing they do for their products and the investment. A small kirana shop person who makes a business of around Rs.2000/- a day will get at least 10% to 20% profit. Added to that they will not pay any tax and they never show full income. If they increase their investment, their turnover increases and profits will increase. Till your business gets returns, the your has to struggle. Once it is taken off, it will be easy to manage the show for you from the house.
    Both are different and no comparison. Each profession will have its positives and negatives. Long distance hills will always appear smooth.

    always confident

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    There is a proverb in Tamil that is 'Ikkaraikku akkarai pachchai' which means the otherside is always seen as green. Similarly this, business man envies the salaried person as his tension is over after the office or factory hour is over but the tension totally prevails for him whole day. One day I was traveling with my company GM in his car towards our office. He was telling me casually about his telephone bill shooted up as anything on that month and felt worry about that very much. On alighting, his driver told me about his worry is waste as he should not have worried as he hold a good position with good salary. I told the driver that the worry is not new to all and is prevailing in each and every person but the volume of worry will be the different.

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    The pattern simply follows the old sayings : " grass on the other side is always green"; 'Far away fouls have fair feathers' or any similar equivalent in other languages.
    That is because 'only when you wear the shoes will you know where it pinches'. The domestic employees are envious of NRI employees, the NRI employees are envious of the resident employees. Each feel the other has more advantages.
    In actual reality each has its own merits and disadvantages.

    As the Hindi song goes " kuch khokar paana hai, kuch paakar khona hai.." Some we get after losing something; some we lose after getting something. Life is like that.

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    Envy is always to abound were great success is

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