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    Smile at a child! They will think that this world is good and can be believed!

    Whenever you happen to see any child whether related to you, or known and for that matter even if not known, please give a smile to them. They would certainly respond with confidence because your smile testifies the acknowledgement for them as this world is good and it can be believed. Normally children won't go nor feel cozy with every one. They read our face, they scan our movements and they are very selective. So to win a child's heart, it is must for us to smile and reciprocate their gestures.
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    Giving a smile when we see somebody including children is good practice. Foreigners if they see anybody they say hallow to them. it is a good habit. But Indians are not accustomed to this practice. If we see a child if we give a smile, the child will reciprocate. They will see you again and again expecting the same smile from you. When we go in a Que, if the person before us is carrying a child, the child will be looking at you for a long time. Once you start smiling she will also smile. So as mentioned by Mr. Mohan , children will be comfortable with smiling faces. So keep smiling. It will improve your health also.
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    Yes we should smile at children and that will build confidence in them. Especially, if the child is smiling at us we should smile back. If we frown and turn our face, a kind of insecurity will start developing in a child which might eventually get stronger as the child grows. So we should always be smiling at a child and we should also be polite while talking to the child. Only then, a child can be bold and confident.

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    Smiling at a child is a good practice, it gives confidence for them to believe a person who is not known to them personally. I want to share the experience which happened to me when I was traveling in the train. A school going girl sat opposite to me, I smiled at her when she looked at me, but she is not comfortable to respond or not even an eye contact. Then I gave a naughty smile, but this time she smiled and later on she started playing and talking with me. So we should approach the child with a smile, then only they will get confident and feel comfortable to talk.

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    Children are very innocent but also very straight forward. If you ignore them or do not bother for them, they will also be appearing indifferent to you.

    As soon as you look into their eyes and give them a smile then only you will know how sweet and lovely their reciprocation is.

    Children are great source of joy and happiness if you have time to devote with them. Their world is a place of solace and happiness which one can only feel after entering in.

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    Very nice thread Mohan Sir.
    Children need love. The best way to shower love on them is to smile at them, when you see them. When we smile at a child, they consider that person to be a friendly fellow and they start to mix somehow.
    It makes them gain confidence to talk with the other person. Children contain the purest feelings, giving a smile makes them feel that this world is the happiest place.

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    Perfectly true. Smiling and interacting with a small child at a mall or park or in a waiting area, make you forget your worries and difficulties for a couple of minutes.

    The child, a symbol of innocence, honesty and pure love is a joy to interact or smile. These are the qualities we had but lost them along the way. It will help the child too, in understanding faces and learn how to respond.

    The only drawback is that, given the crimes against children, when we are eagerly trying to interact with a child ( at a crowded place or supermarket or outside a school), people should not mistake us for a child lifter or look at us suspiciously.

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    Please do not pull up old threads.
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