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    Bits and Pieces of Cricket: Some interesting anecdotes

    In the present era of T-20 matches, cricket has been gradually losing its charm. The format of T-20 does not give us any opportunity to enjoy the funny side of cricket. However, the Test Cricket still provides many on-field and out of the field events. Here I am going to mention some bits and pieces of cricket: some interesting anecdotes.

    Anecdote No. 1: Allan Border Vs Imran Khan: In the beginning of the eighties, when the world cricket was dominated by the power-packed West Indies cricket team and England cricket team was in the second position, Pakistan was known for poor standards in umpiring. During one of those days, Imran Khan, the captain of the Pakistan team met Australian captain Allan Border in an informal meeting in Sydney. During a chat, Imran told Border: "AB, give me Sunil Gavaskar and B.S. Chandrasekhar from India, we will beat Australia". In a shocking reply, Allan Border said: " Imran, just give me two umpires from Pakistan and we will beat the whole world". Imran was speechless.

    Anecdote No. 2: Vivian Richards Vs Greg Thomas: It was a country match between Somerset and Glamorgan. Vivian Richards was at the crease. Greg Thomas, a Glamorgan fast bowler, thundered in and beat the great man's bat. "It's red and it's round. Can't you see it?", the bowler taunted Richards. The next ball was almost similar. The ball pitched three-quarters of length on middle and seamed away. Once again Richards was comprehensively beaten. "It's red and it's round and it weighs four-and-a-half ounces. Can't you see it?", Greg Thomas taunted. Richards took a stroll, summoned his powers of concentration, took a fresh guard and got ready for the next ball. The next delivery was right in the slot, and Viv launched one of his trademark shots and smashed the ball out of the ground and straight into the river that flowed around it. The master blaster told the hapless bowler who almost died watching the ball go. "You know what it looks like; Go, get it!"

    Anecdote No.3: Legendary Leg Spinner B.S. Chandrasekhar: In 1971, during India's tour to England, Chandra got an English batsman plumb in front of the wicket twice. Both times the umpire turned down his appeal. A ball later, Chandrasekhar sent one through and bowled the batsman. Chandra shouted: "Howzaaat"? The umpire looks puzzled and said: "He's bowled". Chandra's reply was classic: "I know he is bowled, but is he out?"

    Those good old days!

    (Competition entry for Bits & Pieces)
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    Good memories. The present day 20 20 cricket, there is no respect to bowlers. The balls bowled by the blowers are turned into bits and pieces very soon for the hard hitting of batsmen. There is no technique in the shots. Only hitting and hitting. So bowlers are loosing importance.

    Earlier days, the West Indian fast bowlers and spinners from India were commanding very good respect. The way they were bowling, the batsmen were finding no clue. Forget about hitting, no clue for them to defend also.

    But for enjoying 20 20 cricket, they brought cheer girls. People enjoy shots and cheer girls dance

    Bur as mentioned no chance for funny moments as the duration is very low and all are minding their business.

    always confident

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    Aptly said, Dr. Rao. Today's T-20 is nothing but cricket circus with band, beautiful women, coloured dress, advertisment and betting. Cricket is totally secondary. It is not an equal contest between batsman and bowler.
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    From the writing of author it is quite clear that he is having tow of every happening around him and this one regarding cricket is something which every one gone missing with the information given.
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