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    Do you still use hand pumps to draw water from the borewell?

    Gone are the days that we used hand pumps to draw water at home and on the streets. As a child, I used to pump and enjoy the strokes and the cool water flowing from it into a bucket or pot, and also bathing under the pump. As of now, we are provided with overhead tanks to get the water in showers and taps. The motors and compressors are used to draw water from the well and store it in tanks. The joy of hand pump is missing these days.

    Members, do you still have a hand pump at home and enjoy the strokes to have some physical exercise to your body parts? Let us share the hand pump story, if you have.
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    In Delhi, the number of borewells with handpumps is very few. But in Kolkata, borewells and hand-pumps are still in existence. But very fortunately, we don't have to use handpumps anymore in our Kolkata residence.
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    The only time I used a water hand pump was on my maternal grandfather's farm. I recall my cousins and I having a gala time pumping water into the field. It was fun while it lasted, but by night all of us were writhing in pain. Our hands ached and I remember my palms being sore.

    Before that, I had seen a handpump at a taxi stand (the black, yellow-topped cabs) near my house. I think every taxi stand had one - with a cemented platform. There were hand pumps inside the zoo too.

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    In Hyderabad the hand pump practice is almost discontinued but I wish to bring my experience in Chennai during 1977 when my sisters marriages were held. The corporation drinking water used to be send via hand pump and one has to work hard to draw few water and that exercise was immense for the first timers like us. What was surprising to me that normally we get the drinking water through pipe lines and through the taps. How come the Chennai Corporation designed the hand pump practice in those days which was very taxing on the old people who cannot do hand pumping continuously. Now a days of course motor has been fixed to the water pipes and the water is drawn to the over head tanks and thus there is no need for hand pumps as such. But there are some public bore wells in Hyderabad which still have hand pumps but rarely used.
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    No I do not use hand pump as I have motor pump and my home. So now its not need to use hand pump. I belong to Rampura a sub urban place and there are many small villages near by with 5 km of diameter. I always see people to bath under the hand pump. It may be wonder for you but in villages it is also in routine to bath under hand pump and they enjoy it very much.
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    In Hyderabad, handpumps are not visible recently. Everybody will have motor and pump. They pump water into the overhead tank. It is the practice. Municipal water will be collected in underground tanks and from there pumped to overhead tanks by using motor and pump. Some will have separate tanks for municipal water and borewell water. Some will use same tank.

    But even today in many villages hand pumps are there. In my native place in our house we have a hand pump. It is a standby. We have overhead tank and pump. But in case of nay problem to pump or power failure, my parents use that very rarely. But I like using it. Whenever I go my native place, i try to use that for some time at least.

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