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    How do you feel about the art of photography of olden days and the modern days

    In olden days, photography was a costly art to praise and appreciate. A single photograph, framed well and kept in the wall of the hall used to give us proud feeling. Whereas now, the photography is very cheap and available in our cell phones as still and videos. Everyone who holds a camera fitted cell phone is a photographer.

    How do you feel and compare the photography of olden days with the photography of modern days? Do you copy the photos taken in your cell phone, take a print, frame it and place it in the wall of your hall or place it in the album or leave it in the phone itself?
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    Time n change happen to them all,there is time for everything,things becum cheap more cos knowledge as reach as many DAT obtain it,printing it and putting on d wall is so different, go about with it and sharing it in our post make it more real

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    Yes I fully agree with the Sun that photos of olden days cannot be compared with images taken these days for many reasons. The black and white era was the best as it used to bring in the best face reading of persons in the photo and it resembles as if they are quietly watching us even today. My father and Mother photo which is in black and white is quite adorable and arresting when some one spots that photo. Though the color photos have become the need of the hour, the looks cannot be appreciated when compared to the black and white. Moreover the side works of the photo frame are carefully crafted much to the satisfaction of the customers. And the paper used to print the photo is also costly and of good quality. Believe me, my childhood photo of 8 months is still in good shape and adorable.
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    In olden days if we want to have a photograph, we have to go to a studio and get the snap clicked. It is very interesting to have a photograph those times. People used to get ready by having nice dresses and havin a good make up. So they are very precious. We were getting different sizes of photographs. Getting them framed and hanging them on the wall is a good decoration to the house.

    But now a days photography has become very cheap. We can take as many photos we want in our cell phones. It has become a mania for everyone. But the quality of pictures is not comparable to that of old photos. No photo can be taken a print and frame. They are just to watch on cell phone or store it on our laptop, if we feel is is good.

    As told by Mr.Mohan, my childhood black and white photos are still there in my album,

    always confident

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