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    Does good governance by a Governmet produces good citizens?

    In any society there are good people and also there are bad ones. Some people abide by law while others do not bother.

    It is believed that with good governance in any country the public can be tamed to follow rules and regulations so that an order can be established.

    Can a good governance produce more and more good citizens? What is the opinion of members?
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    My view is little bit complex in this regard. Good governance for a short period (5 years or so) does not change the inherent character of people. If good governance continues for at least a generaltion, then it can be hoped that it would produce good citizens (Example: Singapore).
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    Good people and good governance. My feeling is good governance will protect good citizens and punish bad citizens. Bad citizens are they who don't abide law. If this system is followed definitely good people will increase. So good governance will definitely change everyone to abide by the law.

    But unfortunately in India no system of punishing severely the law evaders. They are managing by throwing bits and pieces of money to law protectors. So as long as the corruption is taking a front seat, good governance will not come and bad citizens will increase.

    As mentioned in earlier posts. good governance for a long period may change the mindset of the people and then everybody may become good citizens. Anyhow for this to happen corruption should take a back seat.

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    Yes good governance can get good working among the staff and the beneficiary gets the ultimate benefit without much bothering. I want to give the example of obtaining ration card in Telangana or Food security card in this state. Go to any E seva center and make a application with all the details of family members, citing aadhaar card numbers, proof of address and other documents required by the authorities. You will be given the receipt with the meager payment of 35 rupees and after one month you will get the message that your application is being verified and processed. And within 45 days, you will get a provisional acceptance message and then the final card will be issued with card number. Thus all these process were finished with good governance and no corruption of employees whatsoever. Kudos to Telangana government.
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    I want to say that people are not good or bad. In every person there are some good habits and some habits. According to there habits we classify them as good people and bad people. Certainly sir, good governess is necessary to develop good character in a citizen. We change our nature or habit accordingly.
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