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    Of course, Marriages are made in Heaven!

    I felt all this happens in a reel world only when a movie portrayed a love story between a young woman MLA and an unemployed youth. But it proved once again that love has no boundaries and one should go with the old saying 'marriages are made in heaven'. A news item in TOI today attracted me which highlights the blossomed love between an IAS officer and a MLA from Kerala. A 33 year old MLA has fallen in love with an IAS officer, a lady Sub-collector. He declared that the couple are going to wed shortly, saying that the tie-knot between politics and bureaucracy, a rare happening in real life.

    Of course, Marriages are made in Heaven!
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    There is nothing wrong if the persons belonging to politics tying knot with the person belonging to bureaucracy and after all they are also human beings and have love and affection. Now a days it has become fashion to pick up the partner working in good position either in private or government and thus for them age does not matter. In ECIL Hyderabad we could see most of the employees are couples and are working in same organization. Probably most of them are love marriages and thus they have settled for the best in the life. In this case too the MLA has chosen sub collector and surely that will benefit both.
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    Yes, I have read the news. I don't believe that love blossomed in heaven in this case. Frankly speaking, I feel that this is a marriage of convenience. Both have 'win-win' situation.

    I will be happy if my view is proved wrong in future. But I am sceptical because I notice a similar situation in our office.

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    I want to believe in this maxim because it is a beautiful, pure and divine thought. However, my view is that marriages are made on the negotiation table. Marriages are like business deals where money plays a very vital role. As long as questions like 'what did you get?' and 'how much will/did you give?' continue to be asked, marriages will remain to be orchestrated by mortals.
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    But Partha for this case, it may not be I believe.

    As the politician took carrier in politics only after his father's death and hence the love between two we may call it as love between two humans and not two professions.

    After all they two being man and woman, it is natural to fall in love.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Marriages are made in heaven. may be true. The goal here is marriage. How you reached, the ways may be different like love marriages, arranged marriages and marriages made on negotiation table. Finally anything happens to us is destiny. This is my firm belief.

    An MLA and an IAS officer getting married is very nice to hear. Both of them will have beautiful life. MLA may not again become MLA. So he made his financial position stable by this move. I wish all the best to them.

    In many Organisations young people are falling in love and getting married. It is very common now. Many pairs I have seen in bank jobs also.

    always confident

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