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    Why Bhaghawat Gita being played on dead body van towards cremation ?

    Many a times I have seen that Bhaghawat Gita is played on a dead body van rushing towards cremation yard to which I have my own reservation of thinking. Gita has to be read and listened in a tranquil nature so that the need of this life, the purpose of this life and the essence of this life which the God gifted could be understood. But by playing it on a van, the grieving persons wont listen and they are in their own grief and for the passerby it is one more song being played. What is your view on this ?
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    The fellow lying dead on the van might not have read or heard Bhagavat Gita in his life. We all give him a chance to do that prior to cremation. Also, it is the time to teach the personnel taking part in the funeral procession to learn Bhagavat Gita to some extent. In our area, the Oppari song is played during the funeral procession.

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    This is correct. In the society there is a misconception that Gita is to be played only during grief moments. Anybody die in the house they start playing Gita. As you said playing Gita on the final travel van is not a correct practice. Gita is a book which tells us how to lead a good life. The purpose of this life and essence of life should be known during your life and you should lead life by following that. But i don't understand the logic of playing Gita at the end of life.

    All India radio used to announce mourning days when some important people die. During these days AIR used to play only sorrowful music and slowly the started playing Gita. Probably it was the reason the practice started.

    But it is definitely a misconception only.

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    Bhaghwat Geeta tells us the truth of life.The soul is immortal.We should not feel with sorrow for this immortal soul.My grand father was on his death bed ,he had told us to recite Geeta Shlok.He used to tell us by Geeta path soul can be freed from the body easily.Although ,the person who is on death bed has no meaning for all this,but it gives a good lessons to his kith and kin.It brings a good sense for life.When Krishna said to Arjuna The Soul is immortal the fire cannot burn it ,the wind cannot blow it and the weapon cannot cut it,He wanted to give a great lesson about the death and birth.It is our culture.,to give what we have to next generation.When the mantras of Geeta is chanted Krishna Himself there.His presence give us happiness.
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    If a person dies, the other religions (Christianity and Islam) strictly follow the reading of their own holy books Bible and Quran at home and on the burial ground or crematorium for the departed soul to rest in peace. They don't make noise and pray silently. Whereas, Hindus don't do anything except crying loudly with Oppari songs at home. It is the latest practice that the Hindus developed to play Bhagavat Gita during the funeral procession. It is the latest trend set by the Hindus. Hindus also started practicing silence at home and mourn without any much noise.
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