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    What is your morning drink?

    When we awake in the morning we need some drink to refresh. Common men generally take tea and start their day. But I have seen many people who do not drink tea. They start their day with coffee. Some take milk in the morning. Some people start the day by taking juice. So every person has different choice.
    Please share in this thread which is your morning drink?
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    As soon as i get up I will wash my teeth and have a glass of water. Then I will go for my routines. Then I will have a cup of green tea with honey without milk. Then I will have my bath and go for puja. After puta I will have my breakfast and have a cup of filter coffee. This is generally what i follow. I take total 4 cups of green or black tea in a day.
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    Earlier days:
    My wife: Good Morning, Coffee darling. It's six thirty. (I take the coffee )
    In these days:
    My wife: Good Morning, It's six thirty. (I get up. Wash my face and mouth. Go to kitchen. Take two glasses of water. Read Newspaper for 15 minutes)
    Me: Darling, Coffee please.
    My wife: I already kept it near your bed.
    Me: It is cold now. Get me a hot coffee.
    My wife: You are always a hot problem to me.

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    Mr. Sun: I fully understand your situation. In my case, with advancement in age and proportionate decrease of hair, the role reversal has already taken place. Every morning I have to prepare bed-tea for my wife.
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    One of my senior colleague does not drink tea. Once I asked him when you stop drinking tea he suddenly reply after marriage. His response was it is better to stop drink tea instead of see different types of faces of my wife.
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    My morning starts with either a cup of tea or a coffee though mostly it is tea only. I am not very much addicted to tea or coffee and can carry on with my day normally even if I don't drink any of these. But my dad and my husband are very much addicted to tea and I have seen them losing their patience if it is little delayed in serving tea.

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    I wake up at 4 o clock early in the morning and after finishing my fresh up and having bath, I shall prepare the coffee on my own for me and for others. After Puja then I shall drink the coffee first and then go for other work. For me Tea is second than to coffee. Even while going out of station, I shall search for Coffee. If am going to Chennai or Bengaluru there is no dearth for Coffee, but when I go North side, surely getting Coffee in the early morning is the rare chance and they would stare at us. In Allahabad , Patna or Varanasi Tea was served in the morning with some sweets and in Jhansi the tea is served in small pots which is good.
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    I take coffee as my first drink in the morning. Sometimes, after brushing teeth I may feel to take some water. Then I do that. Otherwise coffee is my first drink of the day. Of course my wife makes it and gives to me. I enjoy the warmth of her affection and care and also warmth of freshly made decoction coffee going down my throat.

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    I have nothing fancy or manmade to mention here. Because my morning drink is nothing but water, which is purely a naturally found fuel for living beings. I don't usually prefer tea or coffee. A reason for why I don't have coffee could be that I have made a distance from milk since several years. And coffee prepared in water doesn't really taste that well. When I have tea, I prepare it without milk, making it the best looking black tea in my views. I have read somewhere that Tea without milk is considered healthier than tea prepared with milk.

    Coming back to the main topic, yes, it is water. I always make sure to drink water. It is believed to be activating your body organs after you wake up from a sound sleep. Being hydrated is always the best way to be healthy and active.

    Apart from being my morning drink, I make sure it is the last thing I have before I go out of the house for any work and also the last thing I consume before finally going to bed to sleep.

    Other common drinks like Tea, Lemonade, fruit juices, say Squash and soft drinks are all occasional for me.

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    Generally people in the Southern states start their day with a steaming hot of coffee, that too filter coffee and not instant coffee. While people living in the non-Southern states take tea in the morning. This is purely based on my observation and there are exceptions.

    I start my day with a steaming hot cup of filter coffee sometime between 5.00 - 5.30 in the morning .

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    For me it starts with at least litre of water. I stopped caffeine in early morning and preferring it to have in evening. Instead inclined more to ginger or cardamom green tea after breakfast.
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    I need coffee in the morning immediately after my brushing the teeth and I lost my briskness till a drop of coffee. when I started my career, I stayed in my uncle's house. On the day of deepavali, it was getting late to get the coffee so I felt dull. But my aunty came to me and asked whether the reason for my dullness since I was away from my parents on the festival day. I just replied my aunty that the dullness was because of my morning coffee. with laugh my aunty brought coffee for me. Though I sacrifice my second and additional doses, I never sacrifice my first coffee.
    A joke:
    One: My wife is very strict she offer my first coffee in the morning only after brushing my teeth.
    Two: My wife is more strict only after washing the vessels in the kitchen she will give me the first coffee to me.

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