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    Suffering from joint pain? Cut down these food items

    Nowadays many old-age and middle-age people suffer from joint pain. Along with taking medicine/alternative medicine and undergoing physiothreapy, such patients must cut down the following food items:-

    (a) Refined sugar: Sugar triggers release of cytokines in human body. Cytokines are responsible for inflammation and soreness in joints. So, those who are suffering from joint pain, must minimize intake of refined sugar.
    (b)Dairy products: Dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, ghee, etc. contain high level of protein, which causes tenderness and pain in joints. So, the people who are suffering from joint pain must cut down dairy products and substitute these with soy milk, margarine, tofu, etc.
    (c) Tomatoes: Tomatoes can trigger joint pain in case of a particular type of arthritis called gout. Tomatoes increase the level of uric acid in blood which is the major cause of gout. So, conmsumption of tomatoes must be minimised.
    (d) Refined grains: Refined grains and flour contain inflammatory agents and increase joint pain because of their high glycemic index. So patients suffering from joint pain must stop taking refined grains and flour.
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    Good information, Mr. Partha.
    Recently I went to a doctor. She was advising a patient not to consume tamarind. She says, it will aggravate the joint pains. Probably the citric acid content which is very high in tamarind may increase the pains? any comment on this.

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    Dr. Rao: Tamarind contains very high level of tartaric acid, which is harmful for the people suffering from joint pain.
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    What I suggest is - We should eat each and everything that we like. But have a limit. Don't enjoy one particular item. Evenly share all the items having all the properties. All food items that are created by God for the consumption of human being should be shared and enjoyed equally. If you can join all the food items together and eat in limited aquantities, we can be away from all the pain, not only the joint pain.
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    I totally agree with sun. The do and donts are varying according to the body condition of the patients. we should never come to a conclusion by seeing a particular patient to many. Many people presently coming to conclusion on their diets, changing the lifestyle, food style etc.,by seeing details from internet without knowing the basic fact that there are differences in life or food style according to their country. We like eating by sitting on the ground but americans do not have such habit as they do not have the practice of eating meals etc., One person is arguing that the consumption of groundnut oil is bad as there is no inclusion of groundnut oil in the list of comparison of oils for healthy consumption as availed in internet. My view in that is since there is no usage of groundnut oil in US. Similarly we should take our food etc., only on individual advice and is not at all a common one.

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    Good suggestion from the author. But what I feel that as long as one has the appetite and has the capacity to digest any food and have equal working schedule for the day, nothing can affect the body. Why some people get joint pain because, they wont sit and give rest for the legs. For example teachers. Their profession needs explaining to the students in standing posture and for at least one hour they wont sit. So by giving lots of pressure to the two legs, the joints get weakened and gives the pain. One can get rid of this problem by shifting weight of the body from one let to the other. That means by standing in such a position that for a while put the weight on left leg and for a while put the weight in right leg. That way the body mass is shifted left to right and right to left there by giving big relief to the persons suffering from joint pains.
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