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    Why a politician goes to jail with a smiling face, and a common man with a crying face?

    It is observed that the politicians arrested and put behind the bars have a smiling face without any regret for their act, but a common man arrested and put behind the bars cries and feels shame for their act. Why it is so? What could be the reason?
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    Very nice post and surely you will get varied answers for this. For a politician going to jail is a achievement process and it adds up to his performance. While in jail he make further plans to destabilize those who were responsible for his down fall and disgrace and thus he feels happy going into jail. Moreover in most of the jails the politicians have lots of clout. That means they stay more comfort , more peaceful and without botheration from the public for this favor or that favor. But for the ordinary person, jail is a big place of crime and one he goes inside, he gets a black list against his name and even though he gets released after remand, his family and relatives would see him with sore eye and thus he loose all the sympathy and respect in the eyes of all. That is why a common man refuses to be in jail and he resists.
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    During Independence movement, the freedom fighters were jailed by the British. Going to jail in that regard was an honour and reinforcement of patriotism. After Independence also politicians get jailed for various protests and movements for the benefit of the people and country. Earlier politicians were generally having integrity and were selfless. They went to jail for the sake of others welfare only. Thus when politicians wee jailed it was looked upon as a genuine case of his service to the people. The politician also considered as an honour and went to jail smiling.

    But later on more and more politicians became selfish and went to jail on even criminal cases. But the smart ones turned even that into an opportunity by hiding real reasons and made it appear that he was sacrificing his personal comfort. This he use to exploit in party forums and even getting ticket for next elections and getting promotion in party posts or gaining financially somehow. So many modern day politicians take going to jail as an opportunity for their elevating in party and seats of power which leads to gaining more wealth and power. For some jail gives more security and exclusiveness and can command same comforts in jail also by some means.

    But for common man if he goes to jail it is only suffering for his honour, personal suffering and suffering for his family. So he goes with a crying face.

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    A politician going to jail may be sure of getting bail with in a short time and he need not stay for a long time. So he takes the duration in jail is as LTA (Leave travel allowance) leave only. At the cost of government money he will enjoy all comforts in Jail. He will have lot of peace of mind in the jail. He can have special food. special arrangements. That is why he will go with a smiling face.

    But a common man going to jail, not sure of his bail. He is having no special treatment in jail. He may have to face a tough time there. So he will be tensed and go with a crying face.

    Another point of interest is once we accustomed to a situation, we will not feel bad about it , It will be a routine for us. Same way for a politician it may be a routine to go to jail, get a bail and come out. So he is not worried and he knows what is going to happen and hence go with a smiling face.

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    I think that when a common man goes to jail, the event establishes his credential as a criminal. So, he goes to jail crying. In earlier days before independence, when a politician used to go to jail, it used to establish his credential as a freedom fighter. So, he was satisfied. Nowadays, when a politician goes to jail, it establishes his credential as a top-level corrupt man. So he feels satisfied and goes to jail with a smiling face.
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    Lot of reasons.
    1. They have lived their life and they have enough property to get good treatment in jail as well so no worries while going into jail.
    2. Politicians know they eventually going to get out on bail and it is going to take long time for actual verdict so they treat jail as visiting center.
    3. Common man has no power for getting good lawyers , they expected to get bad treatment from police so they lose their hope.
    4. Police don't punish politicians like common man. Have you ever seen police heating politician using baton. Because they can manipulate police department later on way they want. That's why they smile and greet while going into jail

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