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    Attemting a job in totality and not in bits and pieces.

    Many times we encounter big and difficult jobs in our life which are required to be completed in scheduled time. In our excitement and haste we start the job in bits and pieces without prior planning and after some time get stuck helplessly at a point with utter confusion.

    So whenever a big job or task is ahead we must plan it meticulously. What are the things I will be able to complete? Which parts I require help from others? How much time I have to devote?

    If a job is attempted with proper and detailed planning and necessary time is devoted there is no reason why it will not be successful.

    So any job or task is to be attempted in totality and not in bits and pieces.

    This is my entry for TOW contest - bits and pieces.
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    This is the good observation made by the author citing the Tow topic. Yes It is a must for every one to take up a task and finish it in one go rather than attempting in bits and pieces. Only tailors in big ready made garment factories would have the task of attending the bits. For example one employee shall cut the shirt size from the long cloth, then one employee would stitch only collar portion , other employee may take up only right hand portion, the next employee the left hand portion and the last employee the body portion. Thus a shirt gets made from the contributions of four employees that could be possible if the work is done in sync and when other employees are also available at the disposal. But in normal course we have to attend the task in one go and not in installments or in bits or pieces.
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    Any job we attempt we should not start without holistic thinking about the project. We should plan, estimate the requirements and have a good start. Then the project will be completed smoothly. Generally in industry what we do is make road map, make a standard operating procedures, list the people responsible for and then start the work. A periodic review will be carried out to estimate the out put and planning for completion on time. Once it is planned in this manner the work will get completed as planned with in the target dates. In stead of that do some work, stop and again do some work will not give correct results. So plan holistic not in bits and pieces.
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