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    Do you want a bed to even have a short nap or can manage with sitting posture ?

    Everybody would go to bed late in the evenings but rarely we do sleep in the afternoons if at all we gets time or tired from the hectic work. But there are people who can manage to have short nap while sitting on the chair and thus they would get freshen up afterward. However many people want a compulsory bed to even have a short nap in the afternoon. Do you have the habit of taking short nap with sitting posture or compulsorily need a bed ?
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    yes sir, it is necessary to take a short nap after lunch everyday. It makes us fresh. I do not need a bed to short nap. i can manage at chair or anywhere without bed. but routinely I take a short nap of 10-15 minutes after lunch everyday.
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    No need of bed. I can happily sleep by simply sitting in a chair. But I don't have the habit of having a nap after lunch. This may be due to my working hours. I eat lunch around 10 AM and go to office. Lunch of some fruits or sprouts in the lunch in the office. Light dinner in the night. So I have no practice of sleeping the office. But I sleep in my car while travelling without any disturbance. Even travelling in trains or buses or flights, I sleep.
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