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    Every child grasp knowledge via two different mode , identify it

    Every child has the unique feature to grasp knowledge or learning patterns, you must have heard many times, parents are complaining about their child learning habit. Many parents come and say, their child use to do self study for 4 -5 hours but unable to learn his lesson. Why?
    You have to pay attention for some days .Sit with child , some are highly auditory , it means they have very strong capability to grasp only by listening any audio. Either they are busy in some other work their auditory skills are very strong ,they will keep note of every thing what they are listening. With such type of child you need to give audio pattern of study. Either you explain or let the child to read out loud to listen to his own sound and learn fast.

    If your child is not responding to audio pattern , Now try for Audio Visual patterns which are mostly followed in schools. Smart Classes are specially for those child who can understand via this media. You can show them visuals to learn and understand fast. If the child is pron to this pattern it may reduce his imaginary power . So , i suggest initially parent understand his this audio visual requirement and after some time insist your child to create and imaginary visual in their mind to understand this enhance brains learning power and creativity.

    Identify requirement of your child and then work on them they are very soft stem, parents only need to understand how to mold them. Best wishes!!
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    Good post from the author. Having recognized the need for audio visual presentation, some schools have gone totally digital and they are imparting education only through video presentation. In that process, the child stops writing unlike doing when teacher was taking class through black board writing method, and he will have total attention on the video class as his mind would register the sequence of education this is being told in that class and thus can even reproduce the content for the same in his own. In audio video presentation, there are every possible way to go for branch studies concerning the main subject and thus the student is fully explained about the topic with sub topic and branch topic. Soon after the visual presentation if a test is conducted all the students would definitely farewell.
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    By seeing we remember more than hearing. It is a common observation. To remember a story we have to read more times . But seeing once we remember the story for long time. So audio visual education is always better than normal education. That is why government is providing audio visual education facilities in schools.

    Various new methods are being implemented in education system. Education through power point presentation, videos, television and case studies are some of the modes being used.

    It is correct, if somebody is not able to respond quickly for audio education , go for audio visual education.

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    Both audio and visual faculties of a child are very important in a child's formative period . The combination of audio and visual inputs makes the learning process easy and gets better reinforced. This is same in day to day life all higher living creatures. Those who are having some deficiency of any of these two faculties compensate by resorting to another dimension of input say touch or feel. The more ways input, the more ways of comprehension and understanding and the more effective the intake imprint.

    Let me narrate two real life incidents in connection with the thread message.

    About three decades ago, the child of one of my colleagues was not talking properly even when it was one year old. It was only producing some sounds and communicating, but not p[roper words even when they repeatedly tried to teach it. But the child was otherwise smart and playful. So they thought it was natural delay and waited. At last they took it to doctor. The doctor was well experienced. He asked the parents just to watch. He seated the child and dropped a metallic vessel to the ground standing behind the child and hiding from its view.. Though the parents got jolted at the sound, the child was unaffected. The doctor revealed to the parents that the child suffers from hearing defect. It is not hearing any sound they talked, but was imitating the gestures and lip movement. So when they are visible I front t is able to understand the communication and respond.

    In another incident which is of a year and half ago. A little girls studying in UKG was getting the lowest marks in her class. The parents were scolding and beating her for that. The teacher also called the parents and told that their child was very poor in studies. But myself and my wife got some doubt. For the past few months the child used to come to our home on almost all days and we found her intelligent, smart and original in her thoughts and analysis.
    We did some analysis by trials. We found that whatever was taught orally and asked orally she was able to answer perfectly. That meant that her comprehension is kay. Then w drew big pictures and she copied them perfectly. Then we taught her alphabets and words writing in large size. Then we gave her written questions on the same writing questions in large size. Goodness! all those she understood well and answered the questions perfectly.

    We concluded that the child has vision problem. We persuaded the totally unaccepting parents to take her to the eye doctor. We gave ultimatum that otherwise we will take her to the doctor ourselves. The child was prescribed spectacles for vision correction.

    Even then parents did not allow the child to wear the specs all time reason, the thick glasses spoiled her looks, but we persisted and saw that she was using it whenever she was awake. The child accepted and adjusted happily soon. She found it comfortable. We were having lump in our throats when she used to tell us that she was not seeing the things in our home clearly as it was now, and telling us everything in exact details.

    The Result: This year she is top in her class. Then only everyone believed us.

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