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    A humble moment of pride

    Starting with Re.1/- in 2008, with the April 2017 payment I have made a simple, small achievement of reaching a very special milestone: Rs. 150152.9 in earnings from ISC.

    Just wanted to share this quiet moment of pride with my fellow ISCians and a fact: No goal is too far, my friends!

    A special thanks to the Webmasters for this wonderful site which has helped so many of us ordinary folk earn well. I learned, too, many new things with the support of, and free learning lessons from, fellow members.

    Thank you, one and all.
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    Congratulations Vandana. It is your sincere devotion and dedication to ISC that could fetch you this great amount in small bits and pieces. Your consistent efforts and hardwork put in at ISC could make a small hill in 2017 out of a mole from 2008. Well done. Keep it up.
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    Congratulations, Madam! So you have earned approximately Rs.17000/- every year from this great platform! Great going!
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    Hearty Congratulations to you Madam on achieving such a big milestone. Your position in the platform tells what you are and how much contribution done to the ISC by you. All the very best and we expect you to touch much more milestones in the platform.

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    Definitely a joyful moment to look back in past and celebrate the present. Hope and wish you achieve more accolades and gain more knowledge from this excellent academic platform.
    Best of luck.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Thats simply great. In 9 years the progress was epitome of success and one must draw lots of inspiration from our Managing Editor Vandana. Right from the day one I have joined, she was the inspiration to me and guided me and every other member who were infants in those days and the site needed lots of adjustments and changes. Having realized the potential of the author, our Webmaster Tony has given her bigger responsibility of Managing Editor and thus she could keep this site growing and keep us in huddle. Every money earned here is a great moment for every one and I can feel the elated mood of our ME.
    K Mohan
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    Hearty congratulations Vandana Ma'am! Great going!
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    Hearty congratulation Vandana Madam. It shows your dedication and hard work.
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    Congratulations Vandana. This is nothing, but a show of your dogged tenacity. You have had a long, fruitful innings so far, and it has been possible because of your own resolve. Here is wishing you more success.
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    Of course a tireless innings played by you and let it continue to create your own record in ISC! Congratulations and all the best.

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    Congratulations Ms. Vandana. Really a very good achievement. I think you are an inspiration for many other members. Wish you all the best in coming years.
    always confident

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    Congratulations Mam and I am sure you will cross many more such milestones with your sheer hard work and determination.

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    Congrats Vandana, that's a great journey which reflects your dedication and commitment.
    Thanks & Regards

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    Congratulation, Vandana on your surpassing a milestone.

    The achievement is appreciated not because of the numerical value, but due to the fact that it is from consistent and dedicated effort. The feat becomes all the more appealing and attractive worthy of celebration because it is akin to the joy of a kid opening a piggy bank and sees a good amount on counting all the coins which he had saved coin by coin in it over a long period.

    That was my sentiments also when posted the portion quoted below in this thread when my earnings in ISC reached twenty five thousand rupees.

    " ....Whatever cash credits I have earned till now has begun as trickle and continued to l by two rupees, five rupees, ten rupees etc to this amount. That reminds me of the earlier generations who accumulated some wealth over a period saving in small amounts. A well or river gets swelled and filled by small trickles of water. The great old lesson-"Little drops of water make the mighty Ocean" still holds good, both ways."

    Let your achievement be an inspiration to many others. I hope to see you posting soon a similar thread on a higher one achievement.

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    Congratulations, Vandana for your achievements on ISC. You are a inspiration and a guide to all the members of the ISC. Your dedication and commitment helps you to achieve many more milestones. Wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.

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    Thank you everyone for your warm wishes. With your cheering support, will aim for further goals!
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