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    When you are about to take a big leap, suddenly your competitor appears and the game is over ?

    In the life we always confront with different situations and for many when they are poised to become big, suddenly to their utter dismay they confront with negative aspect that means when you are about to take a big leap, suddenly your competitor appears and the game is over ? Everybody wants the progress and that should be coupled with benefit and fame, But with a competitor at the helm. all the hopes are shattered and feel like resigning from the life. How you would tackle such situation ?
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    Mr. Mohan: How can the game be over when the competitior arrives? Only then the game starts. In my own case, a competitior or competition motivates me to give my best. Even if I lose, it doesn't matter. My performance improves in the process.
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    Never underestimate the opponent, it is said.

    Competition should make you tougher. It should help get the best out of you. Only in the face of stiff competition does one's actually strengths show. No competition is a cakewalk - it is not a struggle.

    Anyone who wants to achieve something must be prepared to face stumbling blocks. Call it competition or give it another name, it is only people with determination who manage to overcome and defeat all that holds them back.

    Like Partha rightly put it - the real game begins after the competition arrives.

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    I totally agree with Ms.Juana and Partha. The thought itself is wrong to win a game without a competitor. Rather it exhibits our lacking of sportive spirit. Our real capabilities and deficiencies are known only when we have a good competitor in the fray. Such win gives more happiness than a victory without a fight. Even if you are lost at the hands of a good competitor, it gives a satisfaction that you have put in your best to win than being a winner without a competitor!

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    In these days competition is there in each and every activity. We should not think of cake walk for any achievement. Thorns will also be there on the way. It is the individual to overcome all the hurdles and reach the victory. There is no game, if competitors are not there. Everybody will become very active and think fast when there is a competition.

    I will give my own experience. In our lab we started some work. After seeing the good results I have advised my scholars to make a paper for publication.They are busy with some other work. So they have taken a long time to make it. Meanwhile some other lab from other country published a paper showing similar results. Then no chance for us to publish. We have amended the work and done some more additional work and sent for publication.

    So competition is not to withdraw, it is to compete.

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    It is said that lack of competition makes a person lazy.

    A person is highly motivated when sufficient competition is there. That is the time to show your worth. So healthy competition is always welcome.

    Interestingly there are people who are capable of doing a task efficiently but sometimes lack interest to take up it but as soon as they observe that many people are contending for same and stakes are high they also join the wagon.

    So these are the people who pop out of nowhere and sometimes snatch the trophy from our hands.

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    I think members are getting me wrong. I said when you are about to take sudden leap. That means you are already in a envied position and that is why a competitor entered. Is that mean you have already won ?
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