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    We are always restless

    In this modern age ,we are always in restlessness,we have no time to still and stare the beauty of nature.We are restless to earn money,to get more and more knowledge,to get more and more information.Our mind is filled with advance plans of the day.We do not know what are the results of such restlessness.I want some time to be free to stare the nature.To stare the oceans and write a poem on it.But I have no time to still and stare.Should not we spare some times for ourselves?Why have we no time as Words worth had?
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    The main reason for we getting restless is the wish and unlimited wants which we want to suffice during this life time and also we want to be one step ahead of our competitor and critics and thus in that melee, we forget our regular eating habits, we forgo sleeping and that leads to sleeping disorder syndrome, we are away from the family and friends on important occasions and functions and thus slowly we are negating ourselves from the main stream and giving scope for irritation, unhappiness, and all coupled with modern diseases like sugar, heart problems and so on.
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    Your good problem is to still and stare the beauty of the nature. I won't agree that we are restless to enjoy the beauty of the nature. We have enough time and we are with the nature. Should we spare a special time to go to far away distances to enjoy the beauty of the nature?We should know that we are living with nature. We are surrounded by the nature. We have enough time to enjoy the nature. But we fail to enjoy the nature during the day and during the night. During the day we can enjoy the sun and its brightness, the clouds and its movements. The trees and plants we see here and there. During the night we can enjoy the moon and the moonlight and the stars. We can enjoy the nature while we work, walk, drive, ride. Though busy,I still and stare the beauty of the nature .
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    It is the individual nature of the person which decides the path of his life. There are some people who always thrust upon earning money. So in that pursuit, even though they have some time to spend, they use that time thinking about the means and ways of increasing his wealth. There is no contentment.

    But definitely there are some people, may be less in number, who feels happy with whatever they have and they search for ways and means to spend happily. They may spend time in enjoying the nature. They amy spend time with their family or they may go for social service activity.

    So I feel it is the individual who has to decide whether to go restless after money or spend some happy hours.

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    I'm perfectly at rest. I'm studying engineering and my life's filled with challenges. But I reward myself a lot of free time. Although I mostly watch movies or series in that time, I prefer to read or write sometimes. I actually write a lot.
    All this hard work we do, is to assure ourselves that we can stay relaxed in future right? Why not stay relaxed now?
    But make sure you earn your reward. Otherwise your dreams will remain dreams.

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    The point you started is very good one. We are restless because we are impatient. Most of us do not think of looking at the beauty of nature. That is the main reason for degradation of our environment. When we don't realize the value of something, we don't think of caring it. We humans are very selfish. We should spare some time to look at this beautiful nature. But we should not complain that we have not time to do all this. God has given to everyone 24 hours in a day neither less nor more . Almost all servicemen or servicewomen or businessmen or businesswomen do their duty from 6-9 hours a day, then the rest of the time is the main key of life, how you manage it takes and makes you where and what you want.

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    We are victims of our greed and desires. Once a persons is engaged in jobs or projects beyond his capacities, he starts becoming restless. Restlessness is a state of reaction of our body against unnecessary indulgences in unwarranted activities. Spare time is for relaxing and amusement not for additional work.
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